The ESL Finals Are This Weekend!

The ESL Premiership is back with the live finals for the Spring Season. Join the teams on Sunday in Leicester, or on twitch, at 4pm for the grand finals as Team Xenex and MnM Gaming battle it out for £4,500 prize money and the coveted Challenger Series Qualifier spot.

What Is The ESL Premiership?

The ESL Premiership is the National Championship for League of Legends in the UK and Ireland and has just finished it’s 8 team Group Stages for the Spring Season and we’re moving on to our live finals at 4pm on Sunday March the 19th at ESL’s Studios in Leicester.

The Teams

Team Xenex

Jordan “Shikari” Pointon

Callum “Sancus” Wilson

Jonathan “Bäcklund” Bäcklund

Nihat “Innaxe” Aliev

Tom “Prosfair” Willis

MnM Gaming

Ashley “Teimpo” Mayes

Alex “Candyfloss” Cartwright

Emil “Larsson” Larsson

Ludde “Luddehz” Johansson

Mantas “Hadow” Sukevicius

The Finals

Coming into the season Team Xenex weren’t favourite for a top place finish but they proved themselves by only dropping a single map across seven weeks of games. Doncaster’s Sancus leads the team from the jungle with a gank heavy playstyle that sees him favour high damage champions like Rengar and Graves while being backed up by the experience of scene veteran Prosfair at support.

However it won’t be an easy finals for the top team as defending champions MnM Gaming make it back to the finals. There may have been a few roster changes but top laner Teimpo from South London, formerly Rifty, provides a deep champion pool and isn’t afraid to engage against the odds to grab early kills for his team.

Larsson is back in the mid lane and remains a key card in MnM’s deck but he comes up against a fellow Swede in the mid lane who grows with confidence in every game. However, as with all live events, there are nerves to overcome and this is Backlund’s first time playing on stage, will MnM look to take advantage as they push for victory on the rift?

Get Involved

Tickets are still available for the event for only £5 at the ESL Studios in Leicester. Featuring a free-to-play area with League of Legends ready to go as well as some great swag to giveaway.

It will be a great day of action and entertainment and we hope you can join us!

This newspiece was created by Will "Fridgecake" Attwood, arguably the UKs worst Blitzcrank player.

8 months ago