Collegiate Teams Take to the UEM Stage!

The University Esports Masters will be played live from the Clickfiel Arena in Penafiel, Portugal, on July 29 and 30! The collegiate esports tournament brings together students from university tournaments across six countries to compete for the European Championship. Each European country is represented by the national champions from:


  • France: Student Gaming League
  • Germany: University Esports League
  • Italy: University Esports Series
  • Portugal: E-University League
  • Spain: OGSeries University


Almost 12,000 students from over 300 universities in Europe competed in this season’s national leagues and tournaments. If you’d like to find out more, check out the UEM Facebook, Twitter and website!





 UCL eSports from Université Catholique de Louvain Belgium:

 Top lane: Jean ‘Beydesky’ Germeau

Jungle: Maximilien ‘Boubsho’ Lambert

Mid lane: Nicky ‘Taz’ Riat

AD carry: Mathias ‘Saitam’ Gassmann

Support: Loïc ‘Ren’ Cardoen



 TDR GamING TUHH from Technische Universität Hamburg:

 Top lane: Daniel ‘Dexonin’ Erdmann

Jungle: Christian ‘LSR Chr1Z’ Thomas Puls

Mid lane: Parrdis ‘IceCúbé’ John Safi

AD carry: Mats ‘Lord Thanato’ Lukas Schrader

Support: Jonas ‘DerWassermann’ Paul Steiniger



 Grey Warwick from University of Warwick:

 Top lane: Kallon ‘kerber0s’ Ram

Jungle: Rafal ‘vidoktor ’ Lizynski

Mid lane: Ehan ‘bluebell1’ Bae

AD carry: Nicklaus ‘Redamntion’ Pannu-Yuon

Support: Ali ‘The Carry’ Alawi



 Unimi Cavalieri from Università degli Studi di Milano:

 Top lane: Eugenio ‘Rengoland’ Maggio

Jungle: Gioele ‘Crysisdeux’ Laugelli

Mid lane: Andrei ‘Jolsty’ Ciulpan

AD carry: Juan Carlos ‘Hydrageddon’ Bianchi

Support: Mario ‘Mr Zank’ Andrea De Fazio



 FEUP from Universidade do Porto:

 Top lane: João ‘Twitch JötaC’ Conde

Jungle: Pedro ‘DG Inceneratus’ Rodrigues

Mid lane: David ‘Cherrie Pew Pew’ Pereira

AD carry: João ‘K1CK Alternative’ Parada

Support: André ‘EGN Afm12’ Martins



 Bobcats ULL from University of La Laguna:

 Top lane: José Carlos ‘Yogur de Flujo’ Noda

Jungle: Ignacio ‘Elmo not trollmo’ Muñoz

Mid lane: Joaquín ‘Wèrto’ Martínez

AD carry: Enrique ‘Hyssen’ Hernández

Support: Edgar ‘St1I3’ Hernández



The University Esports Masters - European Series will be divided into two stages: Group Stage and Final Stage.


Group Stage


Teams will be divided into two groups, where they will face each other in a best-of-one single round-robin format.

 The top two teams from each group will qualify for the Final Stage.


Final Stage


The winner from each group will face off against the second-best team from the other group in a Bo3 match. The final match will be Bo3.



How can I watch?

 You can watch your favourite teams battle it out for the University Esports Masters - European Series championship at this link.


Group Stage

July 29 from 10 AM


Final Stage

Group A Team 1 - Group B Team 2: July 30 at 12 PM

Group B Team 1 - Group A Team 2: July 30 at 3 PM

Final match: July 30 at 6 PM


How can I take part next year?

 If you’d like to take part in the university Esports Masters - European Series, you can follow your national collegiate organizer, participate in their league and qualify for the tournament next year!


France: Student Gaming Network;

Germany: University Esport Germany;

Great Britain: National University Esports League;

Italy: University Esports Series;

Portugal: E-University League;

Spain: OGSeries University.

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