All-Star Hexakill Results – U.R.F. Mode Revealed!

By Riot Shantzilla

Numbers don't lie! And according to the results of the latest All-Star Challenge vote, you guys are as excited about the All-Star Hexakill showdown as we are. It's only two extra players, but it's a whole lot of extra fun. So without further ado, here's who you couldn't wait to see hit the Rift as the sixth man alongside your favorite pros.

Misaya – Hailing from China, this former captain and mid-lane mastermind behind Team WE brings years of experience to the All-Star table. Having competed at the highest levels – from IEM to the upper echelons of the LPL – Misaya will be right at home on the All-Star stage.

Toyz – Coming all the way from Hong Kong, Toyz brings World Championship experience to the All-Star arena. With staggering KDA and GPM numbers throughout his professional career, this former TPA titan doesn't have to prove himself to anyone. That kind of confidence will surely make for a good show in the Hexakill challenge.

These guys are going to put on an excellent show in the 2014 All-Star Challenge, but the Hexakill match is just the beginning. Now it's time to reveal the second super-secret game mode that your favorite pros will be competing in on the stage at Le Zenith Arena.

On April 1, 2014, TSM and Cloud 9 showed us what the future of professional League of Legends could look like. That future was Ultra Rapid Fire! That's right; the second game mode for this year's All-Star Challenge is U.R.F. Mode!

Curious how your vote will influence the U.R.F. Mode gameplay? Starting right now you can head over to to choose which champion MUST be used by both teams. Do you want to see how many mushrooms two Teemos can drop in a single match? How about two Pantheons man-dropping all over the Rift? This is your chance! But remember, you only have until 12:00AM PDT on April 26 to get your vote in, so don't delay!

And don't forget to check back to after the U.R.F. results are tallied to see the results and to find out what else we have in store for the 2014 All-Star Challenge!

5 years ago

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