2014 All-Star Challenge 1v1 Voting starts May 8!

By Riot Mirhi

On Sunday, May 11, the final day of the All-Star Challenge, the two teams will split up and compete in a series of three 1v1 matches and a single 2v2 match. Two of the 1v1 matches will be worth 1 point each for their respective All-Star teams. The 2v2 will be worth 2 points.

For the final vote of the 2014 All-Star Challenge we're asking you to pick two pros, one from each All-Star Challenge team, that you want to see slug it out in the final 1v1 match up – a high-stakes brawl worth 3 points for the winning team.

The voting starts May 8! But unlike the previous votes, this time you only have one day to get your vote in. So get over to vote.lolesports.com when the time is right to cast your votes for the All-Star 1v1 before May 9 at 6:00AM PDT, 15:00 CEST.

And as always, check out lolesports.com to find up-to-date news on the 2014 All-Star event and to catch the intense All-Star action live.

5 years ago

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