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Worlds Playbook - How G2 used multiple splitpushers to trade objectives vs SKT

Welcome to the Worlds Playbook. Today we’ll be having a look at how G2 defeated SKT in the first match of their best of 5 by consistently using their split push threat and making smart trades around SKT’s baron buff.
4 days ago

G2 vs. SKT Highlight Montage

Check out some of the best plays of G2 from one of the closest series of Worlds 2019!
5 days ago

Caps overcomes Faker at Worlds

The Danish midlaner had a point to prove in the Worlds semifinals
1 week ago

2019 World Championship Play-In Stage Day 6 Tease

The Knockout stage of Play-Ins continues with HKA vs Isurus Gaming, followed by Splyce vs The Unicorns of Love. Whoever wins will make it into groups, so each representative is fighting for his life – do not miss this exciting series of bo5! The 2019 World Championship continues with Day 6 of the Play-In stage on Oct. 08 at 1:00 PM CET / 04:00 AM PT.
1 month ago

Learn More: Worlds 2019 Event

Get more info on the Worlds 2019 event pass, rewards, and loot.
1 month ago

Worlds 2019 Event Trailer

A new Worlds Pass, Championship Ryze, Immortal Journey, High Noon and more. Welcome to Worlds 2019.
1 month ago

Worlds 2019 Primer

Learn more about the 2019 League of Legends World Championship in Europe.
1 month ago

Watch BPL summer 2019 split Live Matches today

Today Domme Jongens battles against Corax Gaming for the last seat in the Semi Finals. Who will win today and secure their spot on the upcoming Semi Finals? Watch now, live, on Inside Esports on twitch. The broadcast starts at 14.00 CET.
2 months ago

Balkans 5th season of epic League action!

One last step before crowning the new Balkan champions and deciding their place in Europe! Crvena Zvezda and ASUS ROG ELITE are going all in into one last battle to decide their faith! Tune in live on Saturday, August 24 starting from 16:00 CEST and watch the Balkans finest battle it out for their spot in the hall of fame
2 months ago

Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs. EU Schedule

Check out the match schedule for Rift Rivals: North America vs. Europe on June 27-29.
5 months ago