MSI 2016 hits the Rift

By Riot Shantzilla

Who will own Summoner’s Rift during the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational? The reverberations of titanic clashes between regional champions on the quest to MSI ripple through Summoner’s Rift, leaving sigils of battle across the battlefield.

No matter how you wear your esports pride during the MSI journey, new and returning esports skins, icons, and triggered events are here to help you show your support.

MSI Icons

MSI 2016 Icons [April 27 - May 15]:

Starting April 27, players from the six regions competing at MSI (North America, Europe, Korea, China, LMS, and the winning region from the IWCI) will be able to purchase their region’s icon in store for 1 IP. If you want to represent a different region, you can purchase other regional icons in the store for 250 RP, but you can only participate in the icon challenge below for your home region.

By equipping your region’s icon, you’ll join forces with fellow Summoners in a challenge to determine ‘Who Will Own The Rift?’. Games played with the icon equipped will count towards your region’s points/standing in a contest of regional fandom that will culminate on May 15.

The performance of teams at MSI will also contribute to the final point total, with the winning fan region receiving an Party IP weekend. Regions who do not qualify for MSI will be able to purchase the MSI Icon for 1 IP in stores. To offset the implications of regions with larger player bases, points will be normalized and weighted based on the size of each region. The breakdown of points earned by teams competing at MSI for their regions is as follows:

  • 1st: 2000
  • 2nd: 1800
  • 3rd/4th: 1600
  • 5th: 1200
  • 6th: 1000

We will begin tracking each region’s progress in the icon challenge starting April 27 through updates available on as well as the MSI Client Hub throughout the the event. Point updates will be posted on the following dates:

  • Pre-Groups: May 3
  • Post-Groups: May 9
  • Pre-Knockout: May 12
  • Start of Final: May 15

In addition to the reward for the icon competition, we will also be offering an exclusive MSI 2016 gilded regional icon to the region whose team wins the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational. The winning icon will be available globally from May 16 - May 30 for 1 IP in the winning region and 250 RP in all other regions.

MSI Big Plays

If there is a Pentakill or Baron steal during MSI, the chances of landing a legendary or esports-inspired skin will double when you send a Mystery Gift or purchase one for yourself. If there are two or more trigger events during the same stage (see below) we’ll up the chances even further (up to 4x). At the end of each week, the bonus will reset and start over.

  • Week 1: Group Stage May 3-7
  • Week 2: Knockout Stage May 12-14 PT

The store will update when a bonus is active, so you’ll know when to grab your Mystery Gifts.

Legacy Content

Triumph with previous esports skins and wards from April 27 until May 15. Challenger Nidalee and Ahri along with every Championship team skin (2011 FNC, 2012 TPA, 2013 SKT T1, 2014 SSW) will make a limited-time comeback.

Keep an eye out for the 2015 World Championship SKT skins, which will launch later this year.

Esports Bundles

Support former World champions, upcoming Challengers, or pick up the whole lot at a mega discount with our Mega Bundle. All bundles are available from April 27 - May 15.

  • 2016 MSI Esports Mega Bundle - 50% off at 8700 RP (17400 RP if you need the champions)
    • 2014 SSW Team Skins, 2013 SKT T1 Team Skins, 2012 TPA Team Skins, 20111 FNC Team Skins, Challenger Ahri, Challenger Nidalee
  • 2011 Fnatic Team Bundle - 30% off at 2625 RP (5309 RP if you need the champions)
    • FNC Corki, FNC Gragas, FNC Janna, FNC Jarvan IV, FNC Karthus
  • 2012 TPA Team Bundle - 30% off at 2625 RP (5001 RP if you need the champions)
    • TPA Mundo, TPA Ezreal, TPA Nunu, TPA Orianna, TPA Shen
  • 2013 SKT T1 Team Bundle - 30% off at 3073 RP (6079 RP if you need the champions)
    • SKT T1 Jax, SKT T1 Lee Sin, SKT T1 Vayne, SKT T1 Zed, SKT T1 Zyra, SKT T1 Ward
  • 2014 SSW Team Bundle - 30% off at 2940 RP (5883 RP if you need the champions)
    • SSW Rengar, SSW Singed, SSW Twitch, SSW Thresh, SSW Talon

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