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By Riot Bolton

Edit: Team Electi was found to have played with a team member who did not meet the minimum qualification requirements. After a thorough investigation on the matter, the team has been disqualified and their spot will default to the second place team, u wot m8

What does winning mean to you? For many it’s the chance to showcase the level of talent in one’s native region on a high-profile stage. League of Legends competitors based in Ireland and the United Kingdom have a chance in this year’s inaugural 4 Nations Tournament to prove who has what it takes to be the undisputed best. The group stages are less than one week away, with the stream going live on Saturday, the 6th of December.

Who will prevail? The terrifyingly dominant Choke Gaming, who stomped their ESL bracket without dropping a single game? The Cambridge Dongers who qualified 1st out of 350 university teams? And that’s just two of the competitors. We can’t wait to find out who will hoist the 4 Nations trophy!

See below for details on the eight teams that will be clashing in the 4 Nations group stage:

Participating Teams

u wot m8

Battling through the Riot online qualifier after making big impacts at many other events, u wot m8 are a team that promises to be skilful - yet hugely entertaining! Brixton's flashy midlane plays are the ones to watch.

UNiTE Gaming

UNiTE Gaming, a fully-Irish team, are carrying the hopes of the Emerald Isle on their backs and representing the fast-growing Irish esports community. Their AD, Hustlin, is often heralded as the best League of Legends player in the country.

Team Infused

Team Infused is regarded as one of the highest-rated teams in the UK today. They may have looked off-balance in the initial stages of the MCM Invitational, but Infused put all worries to rest when Challenger-tier standout geoBear’s champion pool became more of a champion ocean.

Perilous Void

Perilous Void boasts one of the most veteran rosters of any team competing in the 4 Nations tournament. FlashMyTash, Splosive and Joetorious B I G have been competing together on and off for a year and a half. We’ll see if they can use this time-tested bond and heightened team synergy to get a competitive edge.

Cambridge Dongers

These Cambridge superstars smashed the NUEL November Super 8, raising the bar for the entire university esports scene in the process. Carnifexism will be flexing his muscles in the bot lane and fully expects to bring the trophy home for the team.

Perilous Rift

Once known as BEST UK TEAM KAPPA, Perilous Rift stormed Insomnia52 by way of Sir Scott's brutally efficient marksman play. Look out for their ruthless aggression and comeback potential as demonstrated in their final match vs Team Refuse in the i52 consolation final.

FM eSports

2013 marked the year of FM Esports' League of Legends indoctrination. Following a tumultuous qualification process, the team decimated the giffgaff Legends tournament with a flawless record. Nobody doubts the potential for a complete FM whitewash.

Choke Gaming

With one of the region’s most proficient top laners, numlocked, at the helm, Choke Gaming (previously known as Mistakes Were Made) ignored both of their self-effacing team mottos and stampeded through the ESL 4 Nations Qualifier without a single loss.

Don’t miss tuning in for the stream of the 4 Nations group stage next Saturday on Riot Games’ EU Twitch channel!

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