BeNeLux Premier League summer split kicked off!

The Benelux Premier League has kicked off again with eight teams competing for a prize pool of 4,000 euros and a place in the upcoming EU Masters summer split 2019. At this international tournament, the winner of the BPL will defend the honours of the Benelux and try to prove itself as the strongest region. The Group Stage was completed last Wednesday the 24th of July, and the Elimination Stage starts on the 10th of August. Time for a short summary and a preview.

There are still eight teams in the race for the ticket to EU Masters on behalf of the Benelux. Defusekids received a ticket by winning the ESL Dutch Championship and ToxicFalcons assured themselves of being a leader in the RIV4L LAN Tour. The six remaining teams qualified through online qualifications organized by the Benelux Premier League. The teams were divided into two groups and played against each other once in this group stage in a BO1 format. All teams eventually proceed to the Elimination Stage, which is played in a 'waterfall format', offline and live broadcasted via Inside Esports on Fox Sports and Twitch

Defusekids and Echo Zulu emerged from this group stage as winners of their respective pool. Both organizations have won the BPL before and therefore also played in the EU Masters on behalf of the Benelux. These two teams did not lose a single match in the group stage and will therefore meet each other directly in the Elimination Stage. The winner of this game immediately qualifies for the semi-finals. The loser still gets several chances to qualify. The graphic below clearly shows which teams entered in which part of the Elimination Stage and how many chances they still have in the finals.

Ultimately, the two best teams will compete against each other in the grand finale on the 1st of September. The winners do not only win 2,000 Euros, but also a ticket to the EU Masters. On this international stage, the winner of the BPL will defend the honour of the Benelux and put themselves in the spotlight for the rest of the world. Will it be Defusekids or Echo Zulu again who wins the BPL? Or will a new team emerge and break the pattern?

The BPL can be watched live at Inside Esports on Fox Sports Netherlands or Twitch . Articles about the BPL can be found at Esports Club . Ranking and results, line ups and more can be found at the website.

4 months ago

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