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LEC Official Suppliers for 2019

As we gear up for the 2019 LEC season, we’re excited to unveil two of our official brand partners that we’ll be working with throughout the year on stage and stream.
1 day ago

Learn More: Spring Split Watch Missions

A guide to the rewards available for watching on during the 2019 Spring Split.
2 days ago

Worst Tier List Of All Time w/ Deficio & Vedius | EUphoria S3 EP1

Drakos and Froskurinn create the "worst tier list of all time" with the help of this week's guests Deficio and Vedius.
3 days ago

Don't miss: Fnatic vs SK Gaming

SK Gaming are back to invade Fnatic's kingdom in the first game of the LEC. Do they have what it takes to beat a Worlds finalist?
4 days ago

It’s time.

The LEC Spring Split 2019 is about to start! We’re ready, are you?
5 days ago

Watch Rewards Return for the 2019 Season

Earn icons, emotes and blue essence for watching esports.
1 week ago

Cast your votes now

Analysts and prophets unite–it's time to predict who will be the best players in the LEC 2019 Spring Split! Results will be announced during Ready Check on January 18th.
1 week ago

Official LEC Roster Updates

Keep up to date with the latest off-season LEC roster changes.
1 month ago

Vizicsacsi joins Splyce

Vizicsacsi on being reunited with former UOL teammate Xerxe and his excitement to play against sOAZ and Bwipo.
1 month ago

Mic Check: ASE Day 2

Mic Check is here to take you behind the screens and give you an inside look at the players’ comms during Day 2 of the 2018 All Stars Event.
1 month ago