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LEC Mic Check: Week 9

Find out what happened during the Fnatic vs. G2 base race on this week's #LEC Mic Check!
12 hours ago

Make or break: The road to LEC Playoffs

The first ever LEC Split has come to an end and we now know the six teams who will compete in the Spring Playoffs.
17 hours ago

Five picks that marked the LEC’s ninth week

The final week of LEC play was nothing short of amazing, and these picks played a crucial part.
18 hours ago

Taking the Litmus Test: G2 Esports and Origen

The wins are still coming for G2, but it’s getting harder and harder. Have they shown their weakness for playoffs?
4 days ago

Watch UKLC Week 5 Finals live!

Fnatic Rising face Excel and MnM Gaming take on Phelan Gaming as Diabolus await a tower challenger!
5 days ago

Match of the Week: G2 vs FNC, Friday 15th of March

In Spring 2018, Fnatic went 3-0 against G2 Esports in the finals. This time, Caps is playing for G2 and the tables seem to have turned. Will FNC keep up their winning streak in the last week of the regular LEC season, or will G2 reassert their dominance over their historic rivals?
5 days ago

Watch UKLC Week 5 live now!

The climb towards tower champions Diabolus begins!
6 days ago

Buff Jungles w/ Xerxe & Caedrel | EUphoria Season 3 Episode 9

Xerxe and Caedrel join Drakos to talk about Splyce and Excel’s recent performances and play a game of Celebrity Heads. Timestamps in the YouTube description.
6 days ago

LEC Week 8 Recap

The League of Legends European Championship, aka LEC, is nearing the end of Spring and the battle to reach the Playoffs is a tense one.
6 days ago

UKLC Week 5 Preview

Can Diabolus hold on as tower champions and overtake Fnatic?
6 days ago