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Relive the biggest moments of All-Star 2017

Relive the biggest moments of All-Star 2017.
1 day ago

Your 2017 All-Star Winners Are...

Find out which Dream Team came out on top at the 2017 All-Star Event.
1 day ago

All-Star opinions on Runes Reforged

If “a new runes and masteries system” was on your Holiday wish list, then congratulations! If “NA wins an international event” was on it, then… uh… hell yeah Rift Rivals! The end of the calendar year has brought big patch year after year for Riot. And this year, with Patch 7.22, we saw an overhaul of the runes and masteries system that was so big people are referring to this patch as “League 2.0.” Here’s what a few of this year’s All-Stars had to say about Runes Reforged.
2 days ago

Predicting who will win ASE 2017?

The 2017 All-Star Event is set to conclude with a clash between the LMS All-Stars and the LPL All-Stars in the regional 5v5. Meanwhile, the 1v1 tournament will conclude after a slugfest that saw 2015’s 1v1 winner Bjergsen rise to take on the defending champion -- Uzi. The rules are simple for this highly scientific analysis: the first Dream Team to reach 3 points wins and is thus your ASE Finals favorite.
2 days ago

It All Comes Down To This

Who will become the 2017 All-Star Champion?
2 days ago

Day 3 Highlights: All-Star 2017

Catch the best moments from each game of Day 3 of All-Star 2017!
2 days ago

Rep your regional dream team!

Rep your team on the Rift by equipping their All-Star summoner icon!
2 days ago

All-Star 2017 Semifinals Starts Today

Who will move on to the Finals and become the 2017 All-Star champion? Find out today as All-Stars continues 3PM PT/12AM CET.
3 days ago

Day 2 Highlights: All-Star 2017

Catch the best moments from each game of Day 2 of All-Star 2017!
3 days ago

Get ready for day 2 of All-Stars

Which regions’ All-Stars will advance to the next stage? Tune in today at 3PM PT/12AM CET to find out!
4 days ago