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Worlds Playbook - How G2 used multiple splitpushers to trade objectives vs SKT

Welcome to the Worlds Playbook. Today we’ll be having a look at how G2 defeated SKT in the first match of their best of 5 by consistently using their split push threat and making smart trades around SKT’s baron buff.
4 days ago

Teamfight Breakdown with Jatt | 2019 Worlds Semifinals (G2 vs SKT)

This World championship has been won and lost on split second, risky decision making. A great example of this was the series-winning teamfight that G2 Esports forced onto SKT while Perkz was still dead. Let’s get into it.
5 days ago

G2 vs. SKT Highlight Montage

Check out some of the best plays of G2 from one of the closest series of Worlds 2019!
5 days ago

Nautilus Mid at Worlds Semifinals?

Catch up on all the Semifinals action and get ready for Finals!
6 days ago

Caps overcomes Faker at Worlds

The Danish midlaner had a point to prove in the Worlds semifinals
1 week ago

Watch Worlds Grand Finals in UK cinemas!

It's coming home!
1 week ago

G2 Esports: Europe’s last hope of closing the gap

The LEC champions will have had to defeat all three LCK teams if they go on to win Worlds.
1 week ago

Splyce: From the bottom to the Worlds stage

Splyce’s players faced their fair share of adversity this season, but that didn’t stop them from overachieving in their fans’ eyes.
1 week ago

Worlds 2019 quarterfinals: Battle of the best

The Danish jungler was devastated after losing the LEC final but still has hope for international success.
2 weeks ago

Worlds Playbook - How FNC used synchronized recalls to beat RNG

Welcome to the Worlds Playbook. Today we’re having a look at how FNC defeated RNG on the last day of the Group Stage to make it to the quarterfinals and eliminate the Chinese titans. Fnatic used synchronized recalls and superior map setups to increase their lead as they took objectives without any chance of a contest from their opponents.
2 weeks ago