Chow time: Summoner Showcase #111

By nikasaur

League of Legends art comes to the kitchen in this edition of the Summoner Showcase! With a cornucopia of edible treats, some candy-inspired art that's too sweet and the wickedest tree you've ever seen, it's time to press play and start the show.


Trio of Teemo

BlairCat's delicious Yordle bento serves up three delicious varieties of the adorable Scout. Whether Classic, Rabbit or Panda, this little guy is packed with flavor. And mushrooms.


A Second Course of Teemo

Sometimes one serving of Teemo just isn't enough, and Empress of Winter delivers another helping of rice and a scrumptious assortment of meat. Try not to look at his adorable expression though. That innocent smile might make it harder to chow down, but keep in mind that you're nibbling on a vicious, poison-planting Yordle.


Candy Annie

Ayashiroi brings us back to the land of lollipops, licorice and, oh my goodness, is that an actual gummy bear?! Tibbers looks oh-so-sweet, but crossing paths with this ursine beast might make for a rather sticky situation.


Rammus cake? OK!

When it comes to culinary creations, a spiky armordillo might not seem that inspirational, but Snowemiri landed a taunt on all of us with this incredible pastry. Ice cream cones for spines, sign us up!


Jello Zac

When you're an amorphous mass built for combat, it's hard to fit a certain mold. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Keagan Leafy's Zac joins the party as a green gelatinous blob, sure to delight any holiday gathering. We dare you to disagree.


Wired-up Teemo

If you're anything like us, all this talk of candy and food has you wired up, just like TheMathWhiz's wirecraft. From the logo to the tiniest details in his outfit, this design has us hup-twoing like Teemo for more twisted talent.


Maokai comes to life

Bacon Dispenser built this life-sized Twisted Treant, but you've got to fight the urge to hide. This brilliant cosplay is easy on the eyes, although if you're the type who prefers your plants stay silent, we understand wanting to make like a tree. And leaf. That's the joke, right?


That wraps it up for this Summoner Showcase, but we still need your help to make sure the next edition is as tasty as this one. Send in your arts, crafts or culinary creations to our submission box, and we'll see you on the Rift.

6 years ago

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