PBE Livestream: Ornn, today at midnight

By MiniWhiteRabbit

Editor's Note: We have changed the timing of the stream to 10/08/17 at 00:00 BST

Editor's Note: Hey, folks! I know you guys were probably as excited as we were for the stream, but we ran into some technical hurdles - the stream will still happen, but it'll be tomorrow, 09/08/17 at 23:00 BST.

Join Reav3 starting at 23:00 BST on August 9, 2017, for Q&A and a live PBE demo of Ornn’s gameplay. Leave your questions, memes, and dreams in the comments below so we can address them during the stream!

You can also watch the stream directly or check out past VODs on the League Twitch channel.

4 months ago

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