Community Spotlight: Yelko

By Riot Caliburn

Welcome to the EU Creator Spotlight, where we introduce you to the talented members of the League of Legends Partner Program, their personality behind the scenes and what makes their content special.

In this edition we catch up with Yelko, an up-and-coming League of Legends content creator primarily focussed on YouTube montages and bringing the showreels of professional teams to life.

You’re still a little under the radar so let’s start with the basics: who are you, where are you from and what do your fans best know you for?

My real name is Siebert but I’m better known as Yelko. I grew up in a small town near Brussels in Belgium. My fans know me as more of a fun and goofy YouTuber, dodging the trends and sticking to my own style.

What got you into League of Legends and what are you currently excited about in the game?

My friends introduced me to League back in 2013. I remember being instantly hooked on the game and playing for hours day after day. Currently I’m super excited for the 2019 ranked season to start, I feel like I’m a bit rusty after FlexQ rose in popularity a couple seasons ago - it’s time to get that bread back.

What was your inspiration for making League of Legends content?

After playing the game for around a year I started watching a lot of League of Legends content, particularly Sp4zie and ThePeacePigeon, who I originally found in one of these spotlights a few years ago. He really inspired me to start editing videos and I learned a lot from his style. I think you can still see some of his influence in my videos today.

Most important League of Legends question: who’s your favourite champion and why?

Right now my favourite champion is Ekko because I can hide my mistakes by essentially dying twice… Seriously, though, I like the overall design. I find his kit and playstyle really fun and rewarding.

You’ve worked on a whole range of things in gaming. What’s the most recent project people might recognise?

I’ve done a few things for different teams but the most recent was an amazing opportunity to create a recap video of Fnatic’s 2018 Worlds Finals run. As it had to follow on from Worlds it was time sensitive but working with the team was great and I’m really happy with the result.

If you’ve worked with so many powerhouse teams do you have a favourite person you’ve met along the way?

I’ve met a lot of people over the past year, especially in esports, but two guys that really helped me with getting into this space and working on this kind of content are Deonade and Dutchmash. They’ve both been around since I started editing and I couldn’t have come this far without them.

What are you currently working on? Anything you can give us a general idea of?

Right now I have a few upcoming projects including montages, team stuff and more silly content with friends. I’d say in a way I’m working on myself, I’m always learning new editing techniques and I want to upload content much more regularly.

Any shoutouts?

I’m gonna shout out some friends because without them I don’t think my content would be what it is so thanks to Zaiper, Oliver, Rubo, Hypersugar, Flip and many many more folks that have been supporting me since I started creating League of Legends content.

If you’d like to see more of Yelko’s content, you can find him via the following channels:

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