The Way to Wembley: The Main Event

By Riot Draggles

LCS London is finally here!

The SSE Arena, Wembley, will soon be filled with the roar of thousands of fans cheering on their favourite European players and teams. For those of you who’ve never had a chance to make it to Cologne for a live EU LCS broadcast, you’re in for a massive treat.

For those of you who weren’t able to get ahold of tickets before they sold out, we haven’t forgotten about you. We’ll be holding one final LCS London viewing party near the actual venue. Join us! Make some noise! That night we’re gonna party like Froggen’s KDA is 19/9/9!

Viewing parties

Can’t make the pilgrimage to Wembley? Don’t let that stop you from hosting your own viewing party. Once you’ve made your plans, just head on over to our EU viewing parties website to fill us in on the details!


If you’re coming to the event from the underground, you can either dig yourself a series of tunnels, or you’ll need to go to Wembley Park tube station on the Metropolitan or Jubilee lines and follow the signposting from there. Remember, doors open at 1pm! The SSE Arena have more details on their website should you require them.

UK Talent Spotlight

SkinSpotlights is a comprehensive resource for players who want to see the latest happenings on PBE related to champion skins. It’s beautifully organised and run by Newcastle native Dec Wadey in conjunction with Surrender@20. Wadey studied games technology at Abertay University in Scotland, He also runs the League Voices channel on YouTube and has made in-game camera tools for other YouTubers to use in their videos. He’s a spiffing chap basically. You’ll definitely want to check out his stuff!


Head to our Flicker page to view our awesome cosplayers at MCM London.

Good news for anybody planning to cosplay at the main event: we’re hosting a cosplay lounge where you can store stuff, relax, get changed, and all that goodness. Guidelines for props are a bit more strict because of venue security so visit the following Facebook page to get the details!

3 years ago