The Way to Wembley: Be part of the action!

By Riot Draggles


The news is finally out of the bag. Week 5 of the EU LCS will be broadcasting live from The SSE Arena, Wembley, in London. This is really happening. Like in real life, in the real actual world. We’re so excited, we were this close to going door-to-door all over the UK, giving massive high-fives to everyone. (We have it on good authority that Brits love high-fives.)

We quickly realised the high-five crusade was slightly too ambitious, but we still wanted to come over and celebrate with LCS fans in the UK in the weeks leading up to Wembley. So we hatched a new plan: for the first few weeks of the LCS summer split, we’re going to hold weekly viewing parties around the country. Summer is a perfect time for road trips so pile into the car with friends and come cheer on your favourite LCS teams with us.

We’ll have more details on the specific dates and venues in the coming days so be looking out for that. In addition to the viewing parties, we’ll be highlighting some of our favourite UK YouTubers and posting some other fun UK-related League stuff here on the site in the run-up to the big event.

Let’s get weaddddy to Wemble! (Okay, okay, we’ll show ourselves out.)

5 years ago

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