Transfers to Russian Server for 1 RP!

By luz0r

From August 21st (00:00 MSK) to September 21st (23:59 MSK), players from EU West and EU Nordic & East servers can transfer to Russian Server only for 1 RP!

We’ve already added that 1 RP to accounts who log in to League of Legends from Russia and CIS and play on different servers.

This offer is one way only and transfers to Russian server will be available for 1 RP to players who like to do so, under the Account section in the Store. Please note that transfers from RU to other servers will be closed from August 21st (00:00 MSK) to September 21st (23:59 MSK). We won’t be able to transfer you back for free and paid transfers will open back on September 21st (23:59 MSK) only.

Anyone who purchased a transfer to RU from August 1 to 21 will also be refunded the transfer cost automatically before the end of September.


  • To which server can I transfer my account for free?

    Only to Russian server.

  • Who is eligible for the free transfer?

    Only those playing on EUW and EUNE servers from Russia and CIS.

  • Can I get my account transferred back for free from the Russian server?


  • When can I transfer my account from Russia to other servers for a full transfer price?

    You can do that starting Sep 22.

  • What happens to my honour after account transfer?

    You’ll have to start anew, honour progress is not transferred.

  • What happens to my Summoner Name upon transfer?

    You’ll have your Summoner Name transferred if it’s not taken on RU server. If you Summoner Name matches an existing one we’ll ask you to provide an alternative name.

2 years ago

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