Teemo has come to Europe and he needs your help!

By Riot weecore

Hold onto your Teemo hat! The Swift Scout has arrived in Europe. And he needs your help!

We’ve embarked with Teemo on an epic journey across Europe, scouting our way through more than a dozen countries. But even with members of Riot’s Community Team keeping Teemo company on the road, he's depending on your artistic skills to complete the journey. Creative challenges hosted on the Teemo Scouts Europe website will ask you to create different sorts of Teemo-related artwork. We won’t be able to continue on to our next stop until the current challenge has been completed so you’ll want to be quick on the “draw”.

Submitting your entries is easy. Just snap a photo of your artwork and upload to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #TeemoTour and it will find its way to us. We’ll post a gallery of our favourite entries for Teemo groupies all over the world to enjoy. If you live outside Europe, we still want you to take part in the challenges. Since we’ll be passing many beautiful landmarks on our trip, expect to find some bonus photos we’ve taken of Teemo soaking up the sights!

In addition to the Challenges, we’re excited about using this roadtrip as a chance to say hello to our amazing European League of Legends fans. We’ll be hosting surprise meet-ups and events along the way so be sure to check the website often so you don’t miss out on the festivities. We’ve equipped Teemo with a special GPS unit so you can follow our progress and see when we’ve arrived in your country. Hopefully we’ll get to meet you as we pass through!

The Teemo Scouts Europe website is live now so get your pens, pencils, paintbrushes and crayons ready. Teemo can only complete this journey with your help.

Hope to see you on the road!


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4 years ago