Team Infused: UK Champions

By Dom Sacco

TEAM INFUSED have been crowned the greatest UK League of Legends team for the second year in a row.

They went unbeaten throughout the entire ESL UK Premiership Summer Season, before winning the final 3-0 against rivals FM-eSports on the weekend. In fact, they didn’t lose a single game this entire season. So how did they do it?

Semi-final 1: Infused swat aside Exertus

Exertus knew they were underdogs going into this semi-final, but still gave it their best shot.

In game one, Exertus targeted Infused’s mid-laner Charlietea and managed to take him down twice in quick succession early on. But Infused’s impressive teamfights and split-pushing play by top-laner Alphari was too much for the opposition.

In game two, Exertus somehow established a 3-0 lead, before Infused turned things around with some solid teamfights and farming. Infused’s jungler Maxlore had 130CS around the 25-minute mark, almost double Exertus’ junger Dan’s 68CS. Alphari led the charge (literally) as Hecarim, going 5/1/2.

Final score: INF 2 – 0 EXT

Semi-final 2: FM stun Choke as Nutri returns

This was the biggest surprise of the weekend. Just days before the finals, FM-eSports were forced to sub in their former jungler Keeno Combo and retired pro Nutri (AND place him out of his preferred position in the top-lane).

Because of this, not many expected them to perform well – the experts on the ESL UK analyst desk had predicted Choke Gaming would take this series.

But like we said in our preview, you can never rule out UK stalwarts FM. They gave Choke a nasty shock indeed, with Nutri impressing in game one as Shen. He survived the laning phase against experienced top-laner numlocked, patiently farmed to become a tanky beast and positioned well to help FM win many a team fight.

In game two, team captain Tundra put in a phenomenal performance as Soraka, keeping his ADC (Toaster123) alive during key moments in the game. ZiViZ also impressed in the mid-lane as Corki.

“We didn’t show them enough respect,” admitted Choke’s manager Rob Allen.

Final score: FM 2 – 0 CHK

Grand final: Team Infused hail ‘easy’ win

FM gave it their absolute all in game one and two, making Infused work hard for their kills. But Infused’s impressive teamplay – especially in the mid and late-game – was just too much for FM.

By game three, FM had all but given up. But both teams had a bit of fun in the latter stages, making some fun light-hearted plays against one another before the inevitable: Team Infused took the Nexus and lifted the ESL UK Premiership trophy for a second time, picking up £2,500 in the process.

Infused’s cheeky 16-year-old team captain Alphari made some cocky comments after the win.

“The games were easier than anticipated,” he told us. “But to be fair, even though Nutri got destroyed in the last game, it was a lot to do with Elise (Keeno Combo) not coming top,” he said. “So yeah, it was a lot easier than expected.

“The least easy team we played was Choke Gaming [from earlier in the season], but they were still pretty easy.”

Infused’s jungler Maxlore added: “I think we performed normally. I think they underperformed compared to us. There were times where we made sloppy mistakes, but as a team overall we just played as we normally do, took all the towers and won the game. They couldn’t really do much because I don’t think they had a shot-caller or enough skill in some of their individual players.”

Tundra, team captain of runners-up FM, added: “Overall, the season’s been really enjoyable. We’re happy to come away with second place given all the roster issues we had, so to come away with second place at this event is really, really good for us.”

Final score: INF 3 – 0 FM

Standings and prize money

  1. Team Infused - £2,500

  2. FM-eSports - £1,250

  3. Choke/Exertus - £625 each

What’s next for UK eSports?

Season 3 of the ESL UK Premiership is around the corner, with more details excepted to follow in January 2016. The major ladder is closed, so the top teams there will soon face the bottom teams in the current Premiership table, to fight for a space there next season.

A lot of the team rosters are up in the air right now, with the likes of Alphari and Tundra looking to see what else is out there. Exertus is expecting several of its players to leave, while numlocked is stepping away from Choke and the scene.

Follow the ESL UK page and its Major Ladder page for more info in the New Year.

Dom Sacco is a tech and gaming journalist following the ESL UK Premiership. He loves UK esports and Arsenal FC. You can follow Dom over on his Twitter or read more of his work at his website, eSports News UK.

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