Super Mega Viewing Parties for Worlds!

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UPDATE: Hungarian viewing parties have been added! Read all about them (in Hungarian) here!

Hold on! I'm about to say something really cool! Super Mega Viewing Parties are on the horizon, and while they are less likely to violently explode than a Super Mega Death Rocket, they are still sure to be a blast! Super Mega Viewing Parties (SMVPs) are just one of the awesome ways you can have a viewing party experience during Worlds. SMVPs focus on the large-scale ticketed events hosted by local partners which means big venues, giveaways, and big fun!

If you can’t make it to Worlds, Super Mega Viewing Parties are there to try and recreate the big venue atmosphere, and the roar of the crowd. We’ve had trusted partners all across Europe pick out some awesome venues from bars, to concert halls, and we’ll have rioters on site to say “Hi!” at all of them.


  • G-Series are proud the announce that Ireland’s Super Mega Viewing Party will be taking place in the iconic Croke Park venue!
    Croke Park
    Jones Road
    Dublin 3
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United Kingdom

  • Check out one of the largest pubs in Birmingham with the League of Legends UK Facebook group during the London Worlds quarter-finals, and maybe appear on All Chat
    Walkabout Birmingham,
    Langley Bldg
    Regency Wharf
    266A-271 Broad Street
    B1 2DS Birmingham
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  • Come join a Bar Viewing Experience in the beautiful O2 Arena with EGL
    Brookyln Bowl
    O2 Arena
    Peninsula Square
    London SE10 0DX
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  • Come join one of Glasgow’s most prestigious venues with the League of Legends Scotland Community Facebook group
    Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
    2 Sauchiehall Street
    G2 3NY
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  • Get a real esports arena experience with Gfinity
    Gfinity Arena
    Fulham Broadway
    Retail Centre,
    Fulham Rd
    London SW6 1BW
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The Nordics

  • Check out one of the largest SMVP’s in Europe with Geekcore
    Forum Copenhagen
    Julius Thomsens Pl. 1
    1925 Frederiksberg C

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  • Enjoy some League of Legends while you’re visiting Stockholm Comic Con
    Friends Arena
    Råsta Strandväg 1
    169 79 Solna
    Get tickets

For those interested in Super Mega Viewing Parties outside the UK, Ireland, and the Nordics, please check your country's viewing parties below:

No Super Mega Viewing Parties scheduled for your hometown? Why not check out the event finder to see if there is a Community Viewing Party in your area?  If there aren’t any in your area, why not try starting your own; here’s a helpful article full of tips on how to run your own viewing party, which should hopefully demystify the process for first-timers. There’s a decent amount of work required, but it’s worth it to be the hero of other Worlds fans in your area.

Once you have a venue booked, you’ll want to prepare decorations so that attending fans know they’re in the right place. To make this easier, we’ve created a downloadable folder with all the art assets you could possibly need to dress up your viewing-party space. (Note: the zip file is 1.7 GB so make sure your Internet connection has done its warm-up stretches.) Below you’ll find a list of what’s included in the assets folder, including targeted links in case you’d rather not download the entire archive:

Additionally, our friends over at Coca-Cola will be announcing their viewing parties soon. So keep your eye out for more info on Coke events going on at your local cinema.

If you have any additional questions about Super Mega Viewing Parties, Coke Viewing Parties, or Community Viewing Parties leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help. GLHF!

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