The NUEL Spring Grand Finals

Since 2010, the NUEL has been running the UK’s premier university tournament for League of Legends, showcasing some of the best university grassroots talent and providing students the opportunity to compete with university teams from across the country.

From a strong pool of over 300 competing teams, the semi-finals saw them narrowed down to just two: “Super Duper Giant Truck Team” and “Sponsored by Hyper-Exe, LUL”, both from Exeter. The University of Exeter had an amazing showing this Spring, and the finals look to be an exciting stand-off between these two sister teams. Check out their confirmed rosters below:

Super Duper Giant Truck Team                                                                  Sponsored by Hyper-Exe
Matthew “Whatley” Whatley                                                           Top: Max “Librothers” Li
Callum “Melvinizzle” Iles                                                                Jungle: Alex “Uggz” Hart
James “Pink Teemo” Hollyman                                                         Mid: Matthew “Mat” Croft
Mark “high on anxiety” Johnson                                                       Bot: Giles “Jeedos” Gabbutt
Shane “A Venomous Shrew” Shanahan                                     Support: Tom “Woo” Thomas

Stay tuned to learn more about the teams that will be battling for the top spot on the UK with articles coming later this week!

Tune into the NUEL Twitch channel [] on Sunday 29th April at 10:30 GMT to find out which team takes home the title, live from the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London.

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