The 4 Nations Tournament is here! (UK & Ireland)

By Riot Bolton

The 4 Nations Tournament is here!

Are you ready to test your mettle against the best of the United Kingdom and Ireland? Throughout the rest of 2014, your team could be competing to qualify for a place in the 4 Nations Tournament - and a cut of an 8000€ prize pool! We’ll be holding qualifiers at big events all around the UK + Ireland; firstly we’ll be taking the top fully UK/Irish team from the totally terrific tournament at Insomnia52 later this month (more on this next week). We’ll make sure to tell you well in advance for future events!

To the everyone-minus-five of you reading this who DON’T manage to win at i52, FEAR NOT! You’ll have plenty of chances to become one of the top 8 teams throughout the rest of the year in both offline and online scenarios.

The full rule set for the Round of 8 will be available closer to the date, but if you’re just looking for a quick rundown, the important ones are:

  • We’re not straying too far. Standard 5v5 Summoner’s Rift all the way.
  • All team members must be in a ranked team on EUW from the point of being qualified to the date of the finals (up to 9 people).
  • You must be 18 years of age by December 2014, when the final will take place.
  •  All team members on the starting roster MUST have been a resident of the UK or Ireland for 3 months prior to the final event.
  • No flaming! It’s just not on.

For now, though, pick your roles, lock in, and go win some tournaments! If you have any questions, tweet us (the English community team) at @Riot_Bolton, @RiotNavigator, @RiotYuka or @RiotDraggles, or we’ll be around in the comments below. 

EDIT: Please note the prize pool is 8000 euros, not pounds.

4 years ago

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