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Teamfight Tactics Showdown Roster and Prizes

Check out which streamers will be battling in our first-ever Twitch Rivals: TFT Showdown.
1 week ago

Help sick children by joining the Extra Life Tournament!

The Volunteers organized an Extra Life Tournament, which lets you donate to a good cause simply by playing your favorite game, League of Legends. You can register from now until October 31st, 22:59 GMT. Games will be played from November 1st to 3rd.
8 months ago

ARAM-arama is here!

Unique ARAM-related missions. Expanded free champ rotation. 2x refresh rate for rerolls. Rewards! Join us on the Howling Abyss as we take a break from the summer heat.
11 months ago

Follow Riot Games UK on Instagram!

Come on, you know you want to see what we had for lunch.
11 months ago

Try This on for Scythe

See how the UK’s incredible cosplayers were out in force at MCM London.
1 year ago

The NUEL Spring Grand Finals

From a pool of 300 teams narrowed down to just two University of Exeter finalists: Super Duper Giant Truck Team vs. Sponsored by Hyper-Exe. With names like these, the NUEL Spring Championship Grand Finals is sure to be a showdown to remember.
1 year ago

EU Masters Live Final Tickets!

Join us for 2 days of finals as the best teams from around Europe, including big names like Froggen and Insec, battle it out to claim victory!
1 year ago

Vienna Challengers Arena (DE/AT/CH)

Vienna Challengers Arena is starting this Saturday and this is your last chance to sign up
1 year ago

A Tribute to UK Cosplay!

Check out some of the best League cosplayers in the UK as they take over MCM London
1 year ago

Transfers to Russian Server for 1 RP!

Players from EU West and EU Nordic & East servers can transfer to Russian Server only for 1 RP!
1 year ago