Most Recent Client Features News

Champ select upgrades incoming

We’re making some quality-of-life changes to champ select: simultaneous draft, sorting by mastery, filter by position -- all coming in the next few patches!
1 month ago

Future plans for the client

The client update beta is officially complete, but we're not done making the client better.
6 months ago

Legacy Client Officially Retires May 4th

We've had good times with the legacy client. But it's finally time to say goodbye.
7 months ago

European Rioters vs Insec

EU Rioters jumped into the Practice Tool to git gud
8 months ago

Practice Tool is now live!

You can use the Practice Tool now on EUW server!
9 months ago

Learn about Replays, now live in LCU Open Beta

Learn about Replays before diving into the feature, now live in the LCU Open Beta!
1 year ago

League client update Q&A coming 11/17

As the League Client update open beta rolls out, the devs get ready to take your questions in the League subreddit at 1pm PDT on 11/17.
1 year ago

Road to Pre-Season: Replays on the Horizon

Replays are coming to the League client update this pre-season. We’re revisiting our previous conversations to explain why Replays are coming, and what you can expect in the coming months.
1 year ago

Prepare to Test: Draft Pick Normals

In the last round of testing, we got a little twisted on the treeline. Now it's time for the holy grail of unranked SR game modes: draft pick normals.
1 year ago