Death blooms

By Popstar Urf

The farther we climb, the more the land here seems to drown out any whispers of life. All that lives here is buried deep beneath the black, oily slate that shifts under our party’s weight. At the summit’s peak, however, we found our first signs of something organic: A floral bulb buried beneath a mound of black slate and scattered bones. It seems strange that in such a place devoid of life, this mass of bones lies in one single place, like some sacrificial altar.

We’ve transplanted the bulb back to basecamp although it is my strong recommendation to leave this thing. Beneath the bulb’s solid skin, a few say they can hear something stirring within. Although an impossible notion, the thought still chills me. As night falls, I write this with the bulb not five feet from my tent. My mind tricks me and I too hear the stirring -- like breath -- but surely it is some echo cast by the wind howling through these lifeless peaks.

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3 years ago

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