Zed Comic Series Preview

By Riot Astryx

The man known as Zed, formerly of the honorable Kinkou Order and now leader of a band of assassins, aims to protect his homeland of Ionia...even if he must spill innocent blood! When the magically gifted psychopath known as Khada Jhin returns to kill again, Zed must confront his troubled past in more ways than one—including a reunion with his former friend Shen, son of the master that Zed killed! A tale of magic, revenge, and honor lost and found.

If you checked out L10 last month you might’ve noticed a comic book cover pop up for Zed during GhostCrawler’s portion. Today we’re excited to announce details about our next 6-issue comic series, Zed. The series will begin on November 20, 2019 and release monthly till April 2020 for free on Universe with a trade paperback coming out in May 2020.

The story is written by Odin Austin Shafer (WAAARGHbobo) and illustrated by Edgar Salazar.

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2 months ago

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