Taric’s Update Dazzles Live

By fizzNchips

Taric’s just finished buffing his armor, warming up his voice and conditioning his award-winning hair, meaning his update is all set for life in the live lane! We’ve updated the former gem knight with an entirely new kit, look, and story—check out the links for the full story behind his moves and update, or scroll down for a glimpse at his updated model in action!

We’re bundling Taric with all of his skins and forming an awesome boyband reducing the price to celebrate his update! His Outrageous bundle runs up at 1796 RP (20% off) - or 2264 RP if you need the champ himself - lasts through April 25 and includes the following:

  • Taric
  • Emerald Taric
  • Armor of the Fifth Age Taric
  • Bloodstone Taric

Ready to hit the Rift with new Taric? Let us know in the comments below!

3 years ago

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