Most Recent Champion Spotlight News

Neeko Champion Spotlight

No one expects Neeko to be Not-Neeko instead! Watch how she sneaks up on enemies for a big surprise.
1 month ago

Nunu & Willump Champion Spotlight

Time for a snowball fight! Watch how a boy and his yeti roam from one adventure to the next.
4 months ago

Akali Champion Spotlight

Skill is the sharpest weapon. See how the Rogue Assassin makes every move their last.
5 months ago

Aatrox Champion Spotlight

The end of the world arrives with wings and sword. See how the Darkin Blade unleashes obliteration.
6 months ago

Pyke Champion Spotlight

Some champs just want to watch the world drown. Witness the Bloodharbor Ripper at work.
7 months ago

Irelia Champion Spotlight

Irelia’s blades can be a graceful dance - or a furious tempest. See what the Blade Dancer can do.
9 months ago

Kai’Sa Champion Spotlight

When you play as Kai’Sa, everyone else is your prey. Here’s how to hunt them down and take them out.
10 months ago

Swain Champion Spotlight

March onward and claim glory for Noxus.
11 months ago

Zoe Champion Spotlight

Laugh, skip, hop! Then rend a hole in spacetime and dazzle your enemies with starlight.
1 year ago

Evelynn Champion Spotlight

Learn how to play Agony’s Embrace.
1 year ago