Sion has come to end us all

By fizzNchips

His shoulder plate’s been bolted on, his axe has been sharpened and his body reanimated. Centuries spent clawing at stone walls have left Sion with a desperate craving for war, and now he is finally ready to kill again.

Sion’s update comes packed with an entirely new model along with new animations, abilities, voiceover work, spell effects and lore. Take a look at his reveal for gameplay details, and if you’re interested in learning about how we went about updating Sion, check out his Insights article for the full story.

Unleash mass carnage on your enemies with Sion’s War Machine bundle. This bundle costs 2512 RP (25% off), lasts until October 14th, and includes the following:

  • Sion
  • Hextech Sion
  • Barbarian Sion
  • Lumberjack Sion
  • Warmonger Sion

Ready to charge Sion into battle? Let us know in the comments below!

5 years ago

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