Braum, the Heart of the Freljord, available now

By sixtwo

The people’s champion has come to the Fields of Justice. Braum is here.

“Dragon scale for armor, dragon face for shield. Heh, now we are ready for ANYTHING.” – Dragonslayer Braum

Dragonslayer Braum leaps into action, throwing himself between his limping allies and the pursuing beast. The mighty creature roars, spitting out a withering inferno from its gaping maw, but Braum’s come prepared. He raises his dragonbone shield, activating Unbreakable as he advances. Sparks fly forth as the dragon’s searing breath crashes against his stalwart defenses, but Braum, resolute as ever, presses onward. He punches the back of his shield, sending a huge fireball of his own spiraling out towards his ancient target. Slowly the dragon’s spirit starts to turn, and still Braum presses onward, rallying his allies with unassailable vigor. Finally ready to break his foe, he slams his mighty weapon into the ground, spilling rock and lava as the shockwave spreads out, slaying the beast and notching one more kill for the manliest of dragonslayers.

Punch and shield your way to victory as Braum and his Dragonslayer skin for 1462 RP (normally 1950 RP) until the end of the weekend.

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