Most Recent Champions & Skins News

Official Music Video: True Damage - GIANTS

Run the world with True Damage’s debut single, featuring Ekko, Akali, Senna, Qiyana, and Yasuo in a new hip-hop collaboration.
2 days ago

Senna Short Story: The Voices of the Dead

Read Senna’s short story on Universe.
2 days ago

Senna: The Redeemer | Champion Spotlight

For the living. For the dead.
2 days ago

Zed Comic Series Preview

The Zed comic series is right around the corner with issue 1 releasing November 20, 2019!
4 days ago

True Damage Skins Trailer

Command the stage with True Damage Ekko, Akali, Qiyana, Yasuo, and Senna.
2 weeks ago

Champion Insights: Senna

More than just that dude’s dead wife.
2 weeks ago

Senna Champion Theme

The official champion theme for Senna, the Redeemer.
2 weeks ago

Phoenix - Blanke Remix

Check out Blanke’s lighter take on the Worlds 2019 anthem.
2 weeks ago

Music Collab: Nicki Taylor + Lunity

Tear up town with this official Jinx & Vi theme mashup.
2 weeks ago

Music Collab: TJ Brown + Lunity

“Phoenix” rises in this acoustic remix.
2 weeks ago