AMA - Ask Riot's tech leadership about EUW service issues

By Demorphic

Hi everyone!

I'm Matt "Demorphic" Elliot, and as promised we will be kicking off an AMA today at 6pm UK time with three members of Riot's senior technology leadership:


Scott "Scott Thru The Heart" Gelb, Vice President of Technology
Ron "sonicdeathriot" Williams, Vice President of Operations
David "RiotBanksy" Banks, Technical Director

Joining us will also be Tomasz "Riot TMX" Ankudowicz, our Live Services Producer for Europe.


We're here to talk with you about the recent service disruptions you've experienced on EUW, and to answer any questions you have about how the League of Legends service operates, and why it sometimes breaks badly.

I'd humbly ask that you focus your questions on the service/technology side – the Rioters with me today are super busy working on improving the network infrastructure behind League of Legends to avoid issues like this in the future, and they don't often get a chance to hop in and take your questions.

They will also be fielding questions from multiple European languages, so please bear with us. Realistically we will not be able to answer all questions live. However, we have commited to following up this session with a more comprehensive set of questions and answers before this coming weekend.

We're going to be doing more deliberate community communication like this moving forward – we understand that not getting this kind of face time with the team at Riot HQ is also a big point of pain for EU players, and we hope this is a valuable step in the right direction.

Please kick things off and we will be jumping in at 6pm UK time. You then have our undivided attention for 2 hours. So fire away!

6 years ago

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