Welcome to Season 3!

The next season of League of Legends competition is here. In addition to the preseason design changes that already hit the Fields of Justice, we’re also redefining competitive League of Legends across the board. Whether you’re a ranked player focused on conquering the ladder or a full-fledged pro in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), Season 3 marks the beginning of a new era of competition.

Ranked Leagues

Season 3 ranked play features a league system designed to provide a greater sense of progression along with more challenges for both veterans and new ranked competitors. By winning ranked games you’ll earn League Points that help you move up the ladder in your league, and even into higher skill tiers. At the top of the rankings is the Challenger tier, where the best and most determined summoners will battle over the number one position in their region. The best 5v5 ranked teams can even earn the opportunity to go pro in Season 3!

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Esports Pro Site

Season 3 will open the books on a new chapter in the history of professional League of Legends. In addition to the usual partner tournaments hosted by IEM, MLG, ESL and IPL, Season 3 will feature epic LCS matches between your favorite teams each week. In preparation for these events, we’ve launched a new site where you can check out stats, team and player profiles, competition schedules, live streams, and more. You can follow the whole scene from the eSports Pro Site at lolesports.com!

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