Most Recent Riot Games News

Our Stance on 3rd Party Applications

We want players all over the world to have the same experience in League of Legends. Let’s work together to ensure that the Fields of Justice is a fair battleground.
3 weeks ago

EU LCS move to Berlin

As part of our ongoing efforts towards full transparency with our LCS audience, we’re confirming that later this year our Riot Germany office and EU LCS studios will be moving from Cologne to Berlin.
2 months ago

Updated Terms of Use on the way soon

In conjunction with new EU regulations, we're taking the opportunity to update our Terms of Use. The new TOU will be available in the coming weeks, and will also be posted in full on the League of Legends website at that time.
3 months ago

Regarding the Heartbleed security bug

There's been a lot of discussion surrounding the “Heartbleed” SSL security bug that impacted a lot of websites. We dug into every League of Legends system and we're happy to report that no player information was exposed to the bug.
6 months ago

Earn a 4-win IP boost by verifying your email!

We’re offering up a 4-win IP boost for everyone helping keep their account safe by verifying their email.
6 months ago

Free transfers within EUW and EUNE now available

Free transfers within EUW and EUNE now available until January 28th.
9 months ago

Email verification is here!

As part of ongoing work to keep all Summoners’ accounts safe, we’re rolling out email verification for any and all account credential changes.
9 months ago

Introducing new EU prepaid cards

Prepaid cards now available in Europe for €10 and €20 in a range of local stores
10 months ago

Free transfers to Russia now available

Free transfer to Russia now available until January 13th. Get ready for the 2014 Season in Russia and enjoy the Snowdown Showdown with your friends.
10 months ago

New Password Requirements and Mandatory Reset

To further safeguard the security of your information, we’re rolling out upgraded password strength requirements for all League of Legends accounts. This means we’ll require you to pick a stronger password as soon as possible.
1 year ago