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Light over dark: Creating Lunar Revel’s triptych

This year with Lunar Revel, we wanted to dive a little deeper into these core mythical elements of Lunar New Year and create something new and exciting for players to explore via a massive triptych.
2 weeks ago

Dev Blog: Updates and Splash Art

tl;dr: We are including complete splash refreshes with all future champion updates, and we’re working our way back through previously updated champions to bring their splashes up to par.
2 weeks ago

More than Game Music: Making Warsongs

Music has the power to tell incredible stories, and we’ve always been interested in finding new and exciting opportunities that harness this power. Smite and Ignite was a celebration of all things metal. DJ Sona was our way of exploring music that impacts gameplay (and vice-versa). So when we finished work on The Music of League of Legends, Vol 1. and started thinking about our next big project, we knew we wanted to go big.
4 weeks ago

Ping-Pwn: waging war on lag for EU players

Discover more about the story of EU RiotDirect - a dedicated gaming network highway.
1 month ago

Total Recall, or: That Time We Disabled Ranked

Pre-season is a time for getting excited about what’s coming next in League, but it also provides a nice moment for looking back on stuff that happened over the last year. Ranked players might remember a global shutdown of ranked queues back in July -- here’s the story of what happened behind the scenes.
1 month ago

Free transfers to TR!

From December 15th to January 31st, you can transfer to TR for free!
1 month ago

A note of appreciation

Your creativity made this a year to remember!
1 month ago

Snow day! The art of Snowdown

We knew that we wanted to keep League’s sense of fun front and center with this year’s Snowdown. And since nothing is more fun than a snow day, artists and visual designers started with one simple question: What happens when League’s champs take a day off to engage in a little snow-to-snow combat?
1 month ago

Ping, Winrate, and Vayne Probs

Nothing quite kills the joy of online gaming like latency. We’ve all experienced the pain of lag spikes during a pivotal, game-deciding moment, and it always sucks. But just how big of an impact does ping have, and which champions get hurt the most by high ping? We dug into the data to find out.
1 month ago

New champion select roundtable

We’re introducing an all-new way to build a team and enter a game of League during the 2016 season. Delve into the design behind new champion select with three of the game designers who brought it to life.
2 months ago