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Check out Illaoi’s Q&A!

Read on for stories from the Rioters behind Illaoi’s design, art, and character!
4 days ago

Illaoi Q&A 24.11.

We’ve inked in some time for Illaoi’s creators to rock up and answer your questions! Head over to the boards for their Q&A at 20:00 CET on 24.11. for juicy details and ungodly tales behind the Kraken Priestess’s creation.
5 days ago

Check out our preseason Q&A roundup!

Early this week we hosted an open Q&A to talk about our first impressions on the preseason and some of our future plans. Read on for the roundup!
1 week ago

Can anyone beat Team Infused?

Team Infused have turned up the heat in the ESL UK Premiership Summer Season, winning six matches back-to-back to place themselves in the driving seat at the top of the league. Can they be stopped?
1 week ago

Join us tomorrow for a preseason Q&A!

Tomorrow at 12 PM PST we’ll be hosting a preseason-focused Q&A to talk about how things are tracking and what we’re keeping an eye on.
1 week ago

Check out these incredible Worlds cosplay photos!

Cosplayers pay tribute to Worlds 2015 and their favourite esports teams with these 50 incredible cosplay photos!
2 weeks ago

Check out the new champ select Q&A!

Click here for stories from the Rioters behind the design of the new champ select system.
2 weeks ago

New champ select Q&A November 12

If you’re looking to lock in more info on new champ select, head over to the designer Q&A at 19:00 GMT on November 12! Some of the Rioters behind the new system will be on hand to answer your questions and share the details behind the design.
2 weeks ago

Join us at the Irish National Championship

G-Series and Eirtakon have teamed up to bring the finals of the Irish League of Legends Nationals to Croke Park, the home of Irish sporting events!
2 weeks ago

/ALL Chat | Goes to Worlds ft. Europe

NA makes it to the quarterfinals… kind of.
4 weeks ago