Most Recent Community News

Watch the LCS live at Kinepolis Brussels!

On Thursday July 31st, Kinepolis will present a live broadcast of the EU LCS on the big screen for all League of Legends fans. The broadcast will be in English, with post analysis in French and Dutch.
4 days ago

Enter the Mecha vs. Monsters movie poster contest!

To celebrate the release of our newest skins Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite, we want you to create an epic movie poster pitting a mecha and monster from the LoL universe against each other. Fight!
5 days ago

Community Spotlight: The PeacePigeon

The community spotlight this time is for the Peace Pigeon aka Obamacare. This is a team of nine that make videos on the best wombo combos and swag flags on the internet.
1 week ago

Cosplayers, time to get ready for Gamescom 2014!

Gamescom 2014 is on the way and we can’t wait to see the cosplay community take Europe’s biggest gaming convention by ‘stume (geddit...storm? costume? sorry, cheesy pun).
2 weeks ago

Get ready for Gamescom - EU Regionals Heading to Gamescom

In case Germany hasn’t had enough sports excitement this summer with its dominant showing in the World Cup, we’re bringing League of Legends and the EU LCS Regionals to Gamescom, 13-17 August. Perhaps Striker Lucian will even make an appearance to showcase his unique approach to game-winning shootouts.
2 weeks ago

Community Spotlight: Sp4zie

The community spotlight this time around is for Sp4zie the Swedish jack of all trades. We want to showcase his awesome video skills and his pet plant. Jump in for random fun.
3 weeks ago

Check out fan art celebrating football and League

A little while ago we asked you to create art that mixed your love of football with League of Legends, and you guys rose to the challenge. Now that you’ve had some time to send those creations our way, we wanted to highlight our favourite submissions.
3 weeks ago

The Way to Wembley: The Main Event

LCS London is here! The SSE Arena, Wembley, will soon be filled with the roar of thousands of fans cheering on their favourite European players and teams.
1 month ago

Time for LoL fan art to catch World Cup fever!

Hyped about the World Cup? Show us your passion by pulling your arts & crafts supplies out of the drawer and combining World Cup football with the League of Legends universe!
1 month ago

DreamHack 2014 groups & matches announced!

We’re pleased to announce that, in response to the high level of demand, we’re making an additional block of tickets available for week 5 of the EU LCS Summer Split in London, 21-22 June.
1 month ago