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Big prizes up for grabs at UK tournaments

The week ahead is big for UK players - ESL’s UK Premiership starts on Monday, and Razer’s LoL Challenger Cup begins on Friday at Insomnia54. There’s loads of cash and RP to be won- don’t miss out!
3 days ago

NUEL Live – Tickets available now!

The National University Esports League season is coming to a close. Who will win in the final showdown between Birmingham and Nottingham? Tickets are now available!
1 week ago

Start your own uni gaming club & enter our contest

No matter how responsible student you are, everybody needs a break sometimes. A League of Legends university gaming club is a great way to have fun and meet new people. We’re hosting a contest to see which European gaming club can design the coolest event. If you win, we’ll cover the costs!
1 week ago

Creator Spotlight: Bard by Mankej

We teamed up with sculptor Mankej Designs to create this clay statue of the Wandering Caretaker, Bard!
1 week ago

Champion Mastery Q&A 13.03

Dive into the Champion Mastery Q&A, hosted by the Rioters who created it!
2 weeks ago

Champion Mastery Q&A coming 13.03

The team behind Champion Mastery will host a Q&A session at 20:00 GMT on 13.03! Come along if you have questions about the system’s creation, features, or future!
2 weeks ago

Your top Sona plays

Tune your etwahl, practise your scaling, and wait for the drop...
3 weeks ago

Bard Q&A 3/6

Check out Bard’s Q&A for information on the Wandering Caretaker’s story, design and background!
3 weeks ago

Bard Q&A coming 3.6

The team behind Bard’s cosmic creation have agreed to leave the Wandering Caretaker to his devices while they host a Q&A session at 19:00 GMT on 3.6! If you’re looking for details on Bard’s sound, story or design, come along with your questions.
3 weeks ago

Sp4zie Q&A now live

Sp4zie’s Q&A is now live on Boards. Come and ask him if he likes his bacon #CTDM
3 weeks ago