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Let’s talk Smurfs, Snow and Bans in Ask Riot

Read Ask Riot for your answers to these questions: Is winter coming back to Summoner’s Rift? What do we think of smurfing? And have we considered making changes to our ban system in ranked?
3 days ago

It’s your turn to Ask Riot

Learn why Super Galaxy and Neon Strike have more in common than you think; where minions come from, and how taking a break from League affects your matchmaking. Welcome to Ask Riot.
1 week ago

Riot Games API Challenge 2016

It’s that time of the year; the API Challenge is upon us! If you didn’t catch the last API Challenge, it was focused on three categories: Black Market Brawlers, Ability Power Item Changes, and Item Sets. We’re back again with a new prompt and more prizes. The community developers have not disappointed and we’re excited to see what they come up with next.
1 month ago

Wood League Warriors: Hit or Miss

Marvin Clifford once again casts his magic on the world around the Summoner's Rift. An extravagant Lee Sin is making his way through the jungle and has to face a completely new challenge. Will he be able to master the difficult task at hand?
1 month ago

Dear Draven

Get acquainted with “Dear Draven,” a new column offering sage advice to troubled husbands, worried wives, sweethearts, teens, and just plain folks in general.
1 month ago

Aurelion Sol Q&A 17.3

The Rioters behind the Star Forger’s creation are preparing for their own grand entrance on the boards! Fly over for their Q&A at 18:00 GMT on 17.3 for all the glorious details behind the Star Forger’s birth.
2 months ago

Aurelion Lols

I had a great midlaner until he started accusing me of stealing his jungle - I'd better call Sol! Check out these Aurelion Lols from community artist, TBSkyen.
2 months ago

Will Draw For Riot Points: A Celebration of RP Art

Years ago, players started the tradition of sending Player Support drawings, hoping for the one-time gift of a little RP. We call it “RP Art,” and we’ve opened the vault for a celebration.
3 months ago

Ragnarök signups are now open

We’re pleased to unveil Ragnarök, a tournament for players in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (and their autonomous regions). Teams will clash throughout March for glory, prizes and a spot in the EU Challenger Series Summer Qualifier. Ragnarök culminates in a live final at The Gathering 2016 in Hamar, Norway on March 23rd and 24th.
3 months ago

UK Premiership week 2: live from Leicester

Will Exertus’ refreshed roster be able to topple the Renegades?
3 months ago