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How to run your own viewing party

Tier 5 event mastery here we come!
1 day ago

Prepare for the Gold Rush!

On the 2nd August at 14:00 CET, featuring the Bilgewater-themed ARAM map, Butcher’s Bridge, two teams representing the legacy of Twisted Fate and Graves will settle their score in the name of plunder and fortune!
3 days ago

Bilgewater Boarding Parties drop anchor!

Bilgewater Boarding Parties are taking place in regions around the world. Register for an online or real-world event happening near you!
6 days ago

Send us your Butcher’s Bridge plays!

Record your plays, ship them to us, and be featured in the next episode of Pick Order
6 days ago

Join us at the Irish College Championship!

We’ll be heading to G-Series to check out the Irish College League Championship this July 25/26th
1 week ago

Runeterra Photo Challenge – send us your pics!

We’ve got a new contest opportunity for all our photographers out there. While you’re outside enjoying the summer weather, take pics of real-world places that remind you of the League of Legends universe. Surprise us!
1 week ago

Cosplayers, the Pool Party challenge is here!

Team up and get the pool party started right. Take a dynamic, splash-art inspired photo where it looks like everyone’s just been caught in the middle of having an epic pool party. Recipe for killer cosplay: just add water!
2 weeks ago

A guide to the Summer Break Collegiate Invitational

The upcoming Summer Break Collegiate Invitational is the first tournament to pit collegiate teams from different countries against each other. We’re expecting two days of intense action as student teams fight to bring glory and European bragging rights to their academic institutions. Make sure you are ready for all the action and check out the teams, the format and the schedule here.
2 weeks ago

Check out the Tahm Kench Q&A!

Click here for stories from the Rioters behind Tahm Kench’s design, art, and character!
4 weeks ago

Check out the Friends and Foes cosplay gallery!

Keep friends close and enemies guessing. These cosplayers have paired up to showcase their favourite champions in two ways: either as friends and allies, or as sworn enemies on the Rift.
1 month ago