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Dino Gnar ate your dressed-up Yordles fan art!

If you’ve already submitted your entry, please re-send it by Thursday, the 4th of September. Anybody else who’d like to send their creations but hasn’t gotten around to completing their entry can use these extra days to put the finishing touches on it. We’ll highlight them on Monday, the 8th of September.
1 hour ago

Insomnia52 wrap-up

We’re back from Insomnia52! The Ricoh Arena in Coventry played host to esports, cosplayers, and Siv HD wrecking a team of Challenger players.
1 day ago

Watch the gamescom 2014 highlights video

Gamescom 2014 reminded us how lucky we are to be part of such an inspiring, creative community. You guys came out in full force, and it was a pleasure to spend five days celebrating our shared passion for this game with all of you. We put together a highlights video to help you relive the excitement!
2 days ago

League of Legends is coming to i52

We’ll be attending the biggest LAN event in the UK. Insomnia52 features a massive League of Legends tournament, and you’ve got the chance to chat with YouTubers, LCS stars and Rioters.
1 week ago

It’s time to dress up a Yordle like Dino Gnar!

In order to celebrate Gnar’s upcoming arrival, show us your artistic skills by drawing, sculpting, or crafting any Yordle of your choice. The catch is that they have to be wearing a full-body suit of some other creature.
2 weeks ago

Dive into the world of LoL at gamescom 2014

Gamescom 2014 is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited about spending several days in full geek-out mode with the League of Legends community. From 13-17 August, the line between fantasy and reality will blur as we invite you to step inside an immersive League of Legends experience.
2 weeks ago

The 4 Nations Tournament is here! (UK & Ireland)

We’re finally ready to test the skill and determination of teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A national tournament is coming, with an 8000€ prize pool - starting with a qualifier at Insomnia52 later this month. Find out how you can enter your team throughout the rest of this year!
3 weeks ago

Check out the Mecha Vs. Monsters winning fanart

Without any further delays before the feature presentation, here are the six winning entries in our Mecha Vs. Monsters movie poster contest. Each artist will receive a prize pack consisting of limited edition Mecha Splash Art posters with chromium visual effect, Mecha Malphite and Mecha Aatrox champions and skins, plus 2000 RP.
3 weeks ago

LoL YouTubers Sp4zie & Siv HD coming to gamescom

We’re excited to announce that some of your favourite League of Legends YouTubers will be joining us at gamescom 2014! Sp4zie and Siv HD will be on stage in the League of Legends booth Saturday at 4pm answering your questions.
3 weeks ago

Gnar Q&A coming on 8.5

Gnar’s throwing yet another tantrum, so the team behind him have temporarily set their grooming kits aside and agreed to a Q&A session on 8/5. If you have any questions about what went into making Runeterra’s cutest AND most terrifying champion, come along!
3 weeks ago