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Riot Games API Challenge 2.0 Winners!

We gave developers three prompts based on Black Market Brawler games, Ability Power Item Changes, and in-game Item Sets. Check out the winners of the Riot Games API Challenge 2.0!
1 day ago

Super Mega Viewing Parties for Worlds!

There’s no better way to dial up the hype of an important match than sharing the moment with other fans. Not to mention, when your favourite team steals a Baron, it feels silly to throw your hand up to high-five and...nobody’s around so you have to slap it yourself (a high-five needs to be high-fived!). If you can’t make it to a Worlds stop, check out the next best thing with a Super Mega Viewing Party currently planned for your area.
3 days ago

Bring your League cosplay to Worlds!

Thinking about cosplaying at Worlds? Pack your costume and find out how you can join in the fun.
6 days ago

Show the world who you support at Worlds !

Worlds is almost upon us! In preparation for the month-long League of Legends festival, we've put together a couple of ways for you to don your favourite team's colours on social media
1 week ago

Check out the Kindred Q&A!

Click here for stories from the Rioters behind Kindred’s design, art, and character!
1 week ago

Kindred Q&A 29.09

If you’re on the hunt for more Kindred information, head over to their Q&A at 7 PM BST on 29.09! Some of the Rioters behind the death-bringing duo will be on hand to answer your questions and share all kinds of murderous details about the Eternal Hunters.
1 week ago

Runeterra Photo Challenge - Results

It’s time to announce the winners of Runeterra Photo Challenge - check out the results here!
1 week ago

Cosplayers, the World Championship challenge is here!

As the best League players arrive in Europe for Worlds, we're looking for the best World Championship cosplay to match.
1 week ago

The artists behind League Facebook Stickers

Oskar, Sade, and Nips talk about their art styles, their favorite champs, and the League community!
2 weeks ago

Party on: A guide to Worlds 2015 viewing parties!

Can’t make it to any of the Worlds stops? Get immersed in the action by going to a Worlds Viewing Party instead!
2 weeks ago