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View and Submit Lux Fan Art

Community artists are creating art inspired by Elementalist Lux. Check them out and submit your own!
2 hours ago

Ask Riot: The one about Pulsefire Ezreal

Ultimate skins, working at Riot, and new musical universes.
1 day ago

Check out Camille’s PBE Gameplay

Camille’s designer Riot Jag answers your questions and shows off Camille’s gameplay on PBE!
1 week ago

Wood League Warriors: Champ Select

In today’s comic, Zilean and Ashe audition champs to be part of their League dream team. But the dream quickly becomes a nightmare.
2 weeks ago

Ask Riot: League on the big screen

Will there ever be a League movie?
2 weeks ago

League client update Q&A now live!

Q&A is happening now!
2 weeks ago

Join the Universe Q&A!

Let’s talk Story.
2 weeks ago

Catch-up what happened on the Assassins AMA

The Champion Update Team did a Q&A on Reddit last Wednesday(11/09) - catch-up the hottest answers from the Devs!
3 weeks ago

Watch live!

Join our 24-hr livestream as we raise money for 4 nonprofit orgs!
3 weeks ago

Ask Riot: Buffing Kalista

Hextech materials, weapons of war, and the Spear of Vengeance.
3 weeks ago