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Ascension Q&A 18.09 16:00 BST

Curious to learn more about Ascension? Check into the Play team’s Ascension Q&A session!
1 day ago

Community Spotlight: Can Dogan Glass Engraving

When it comes to his approach to art, Turkish artist Can Dogan likes to break the meta. While most conventional artists start with a piece of paper and drawing utensil or paintbrush, he reaches for a pane of glass and a set engraving and polishing tools. The result is amazing!
2 days ago

Ascension mode Q&A coming on 18.9

The Play team is stepping into the sunlight to host a Q&A session on the Ascension game mode at 16:00 BST on September 18. If you’ve any questions about what went into coming up with the Ascension game mode, these are the folks to chat with.
3 days ago

5 steps to running your own Worlds viewing party

Want to celebrate Worlds in style? Find out how to set up your own viewing party in 5 easy steps.
4 days ago

Azir Q&A 10.09 19:00 BST

Curious to learn more about Azir? Check into the Azir Q&A session!
1 week ago

Azir Q&A coming on 10.9

The team behind Azir is stepping into the sunlight to host a Q&A session at 19:00 BST on 10.9. If you’ve any questions about what went into resurrecting the Emperor of the Sands, these are the folks to chat with.
1 week ago

Join a League of Legends club at your university!

If you’re attending university in the UK and would like to meet fellow League fans, be sure to check out your school’s freshers fair! There are plenty of university gaming clubs across the UK that cater to League of Legends players. We’ve put together a list to help you find them!
2 weeks ago

Dino Gnar ate your dressed-up Yordles fan art!

If you’ve already submitted your entry, please re-send it by Thursday, the 4th of September. Anybody else who’d like to send their creations but hasn’t gotten around to completing their entry can use these extra days to put the finishing touches on it. We’ll highlight them on Monday, the 8th of September.
3 weeks ago

Insomnia52 wrap-up

We’re back from Insomnia52! The Ricoh Arena in Coventry played host to esports, cosplayers, and Siv HD wrecking a team of Challenger players.
3 weeks ago

Watch the gamescom 2014 highlights video

Gamescom 2014 reminded us how lucky we are to be part of such an inspiring, creative community. You guys came out in full force, and it was a pleasure to spend five days celebrating our shared passion for this game with all of you. We put together a highlights video to help you relive the excitement!
3 weeks ago