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Community Creations: League Gift Tags!

Celebrate Snowdown and the holiday season with some adorable League of Legends-themed gift tags!
1 day ago

Come check out the Legend of the Poro King Q&A!

Slide over to the Legend of the Poro King Q&A session for the latest from the Featured Game Mode team!
1 day ago

Legend of the Poro King Q&A 19.12!

Some of the guys from the Featured Game Mode team are tobogganing in for a Legend of the Poro King Q&A session at 19:00 GMT on December 19! Come armed with questions, feedback and snowballs. Wait. No. Not snowballs. We’re on the internet.
2 days ago

Draw Or Craft a Themed Poro: Fan Art Contest

With Snowdown 2014 upon us, we wanted to help everyone get in the mood by hosting an art contest where members of the community draw or craft a poro based on one of the following four themes: Arcade, Mafia, Bloodmoon or Justicar.
3 days ago

Our favourite streamers burrow into Rek Sai

We’re celebrating Rek’Sai’s upcoming launch by having some of our favourite streamers show viewers first-hand what she can do. Be sure to tune into their streams to check out some awesome Rek’Sai action.
1 week ago

Dark Horses: Jungle Irelia

Welcome to Dark Horses, where we dive deep beneath the sheets, looking for your sleeper picks and why we think they might be ready to wake up. Next up? Jungle Irelia.
2 weeks ago

Community Spotlight: Keyori

Keyori is the cackling mad scientist of League YouTubers, mixing off-the-wall strats to see if they explode the opposing team, or maybe just explode in his own face. Either way, it’s a blast to watch. Check out his channel!
2 weeks ago

4 Nations: giffgaff Legends

4 Nations: giffgaff Legends
2 weeks ago

Rek’Sai Q&A on 02.12

We’ve unearthed some of the developers behind Rek’Sai and prepped them for a Q&A session at 7PM GMT on 2/12. If you’re interested in knowing about Rek’Sai’s place within the Xer’Sai, or learning about her creation, swing by with your questions!
2 weeks ago

Check out the Preseason Q&A

Now that you've had a chance to experience the preseason changes, the team who cooked them up answers your questions on the boards.
3 weeks ago