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Check out the Tahm Kench Q&A!

Click here for stories from the Rioters behind Tahm Kench’s design, art, and character!
1 day ago

Check out the Friends and Foes cosplay gallery!

Keep friends close and enemies guessing. These cosplayers have paired up to showcase their favourite champions in two ways: either as friends and allies, or as sworn enemies on the Rift.
2 days ago

Tahm Kench Q&A 01.07

If you’re hungry for more Tahm Kench information, head over to his Q&A at 19:00 BST on 01.07! Some of the Rioters behind the mucky monstrosity will be on hand to answer your questions and share all kinds of juicy details behind the River King’s creation.
2 days ago

Summer Break Collegiate Invitational is coming up!

Recently we’ve noticed increasing interest in League of Legends collegiate tournaments. More and more countries in Europe and other parts of the world are starting to have their own university competitions - some of them hosted by Riot, others by partner organisations. And it turns out that several European regions have recently crowned local champions.
2 days ago

Riot returns to DreamHack for Nordic Open finals

Riot returns to Jönköping, Sweden, this weekend to host the finals of the Nordic Open tournament – and our nostalgia is real. It’s the first time we’ve run a League of Legends tournament at DreamHack since the Season One World Championship back in 2011.
3 weeks ago

The Birth of Evil: Teemo

We talked to some of the minds behind Teemo about what went into creating League's greatest monster.
3 weeks ago

Competition winner – Game Summit Hagenberg!

Earlier this year, we challenged university gaming clubs across Europe to design the most awesome event they could imagine, with the promise that Riot would organise and pay for the winning entry to become a reality. Announcing Game Summit Hagenberg, the winning event that will take place on the 20th of June!
3 weeks ago

Check out the HUD update Q&A

Click here for details on the upcoming HUD update!
4 weeks ago

Find your favorite past login screens!

We’ve tossed almost sixty login screens from the last three years into one handy playlist. Check it out!
1 month ago

Everything you need to know about the Nordic Open

Everything you need to know about Riot’s Nordic tournament - the Round of 8 starts this Saturday
1 month ago