Phreak and Rivington play Xayah and Rakan

Join Phreak and Rivington as they cut down noobs as Xayah and Rakan, live on Twitch! Will they cut down their enemies? Or will they feed like crazy?
5 days ago

Xayah and Rakan Available Now + Launch Promotions!

Birds of a feather carry together. Xayah and Rakan are available now.
5 days ago

Get Special Xayah and Rakan Icons When They Launch

Here's a quick heads up that we'll be running a DOUBLE IP WEEKEND from 08:00 BST April 21 to 07:59 BST April 24. We've also created two unique summoner icons which will only be unlockable for the first week after the vastayan duo hits the Rift.
6 days ago

Xayah and Rakan: Wild Magic

Restoring the wild magic of Ionia won’t be easy when a deadly enemy lurks in the shadows.
1 week ago

The Charmer And The Rebel

She fights for the cause. He fights for her. Read their shared story now!
1 week ago

The Puboe Prison Break

...but with your heartfire by your side, no mission can withstand your graceful strike.
1 week ago

PBE Livestream: Xayah and Rakan

The Rebel and the Charmer make their PBE debut on Twitch. Designers EndlessPillows and Beat PunchBeef answer your questions and discuss developing the lovers while showing off their gameplay.
2 weeks ago

Champions Revealed: Xayah & Rakan

Lovers and rebels Xayah and Rakan debut as a marksman and support duo.
2 weeks ago