We have something in common

Which team will reign supreme? Get ready to close out the EULCS Spring Split as we take the show on the road to the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg.
3 months ago

Meet The Fans: Kraków

With the recent 2016 Summer Finals marking the EU LCS’s first trip to Poland, local fans were out in force to cheer on the Polish pros competing. We walked around the TAURON Arena Kraków to meet the fans.
10 months ago

The summer split champion is..

Did Splyce upset the reigning champions, or were G2 victorious once again?
10 months ago

The EU LCS third-place team is…

After an electric first day in Kraków, we have our EU LCS third-place team. We spoke with the winners ahead of the final!
10 months ago

EU LCS Final: G2 vs Splyce

Will we crown a new EU LCS champion, or will G2 prevail once again and condemn Splyce to the gauntlet?
11 months ago

Last Chance: Unicorns of Love vs H2K

Can Odoamne carry H2K to Worlds, or will Hungarian hero Vizicsacsi ensure no hope remains?
11 months ago

Life of an LCS Manager

I’m often asked “what exactly do you do as an LCS team manager?” The role of a manager in esports is fairly broad; a manager’s duties vary significantly from team to team, so I can only speak as to my role as a manager within Fnatic. Where the head coach is responsible for everything inside the game, I’m in charge of everything outside of the game.
11 months ago

Hiss of Death: Fnatic vs Splyce

Splyce look to pip Fnatic to a top-2 spot in the penultimate week of the summer split!
1 year ago

Style Points

We’ve all heard the saying: offense wins games, James Bond cosplay wins championships. Or something to that effect. Under section 5.4, “Player and Coach Apparel”, the LCS’ 2016 Season Official Rules states that “coaches must wear, at a minimum, business casual attire while at the studio. Business casual does not include: athletic wear, sneakers, team-branded apparel, etc.” Translation: look fine or get fined.
1 year ago

Motivation, Mindset and Attitude

ROCCAT's coach GrabbZ outlines the mental characteristics that make a great pro player. Raw talent is just one aspect of achieving worldwide reverence; the motivation to achieve your goals, the mindset of always improving, and the right attitude towards constructive criticism will elevate you from “good player” to legend.
1 year ago