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2015 ranked season has ended

The 2015 ranked season is over. The clock struck midnight, turning November 10 to November 11, and ranked queues came down.
2 weeks ago

2015 ranked season is ending!

Only days remain until the end of the 2015 ranked season. When the clock strikes midnight, turning November 10 to November 11, ranked queues will come down for about twelve hours and we'll start doling out rewards.
2 weeks ago

Party IP weekend live now!

Queue up with your friends and reap the sweet rewards of teamwork… and bonus IP.
3 months ago

Riot Pls

Riot Pls is a new experimental dev blog to talk about the priorities and values that influence what we’re doing, what we’re not doing, and why.
3 months ago

EUW spectator mode fell over recently – here’s why

Last Wednesday a technical glitch popped up that caused EUW players attempting to spectate games via the client to arrive at a black screen. The bug’s cause was serious, but it also made us smile.
5 months ago

An important note about gamescom

We’ve had a wonderful time at gamescom over the years but we also feel we have a responsibility to let you know as early as possible that we’ve decided to focus on other events in 2015 and so will not be attending
8 months ago

RP price adjustment in Europe

We are soon to be increasing the average RP cost for players on EUW and EUNE by approximately 10%
8 months ago

Riot Merch is Live!

League merch is here with explosively expanded apparel, collectibles, and plush! This’ll be a blast!
9 months ago

SpectateFaker - what we learned and what we’ll do

Over the last week, we’ve been wrestling with some complex and layered issues around how players create and share gameplay content online, as brought up by the SpectateFaker streaming case. Here’s a little about our core philosophies around how we’ve approached this issue, what we got wrong in our first steps and what approach we’ll be taking moving forward.
9 months ago

Beta Boards – live now in Europe!

European players, we’re excited to announce the beta launch of Boards, an enhanced discussion forum we’ve built for the League community!
9 months ago