Most Recent Patch News

Patch 7.4 notes

Marksman stuff, Cho’Gath and more!
4 months ago

Patch 7.3 notes

With systemic follow-up out of the way, we’re zeroing in on some over-performing champs.
4 months ago

Patch 7.2 Notes

Continuing work on carry-over balance issues from last year while running from new Warwick.
4 months ago

Patch 7.1 notes

It’s a new year and we’re hitting the ground running!
5 months ago

Mid-patch 6.24 balance update

We’ve got a few more changes for the patch.
6 months ago

Patch 6.24 notes

The last big patch of 2016!
6 months ago

Queue health comes to patch notes

We’re starting up a patch-by-patch update of how 2017’s ranked queues are doing.
6 months ago

Patch 6.23 notes

Our first pre-season follow-up patch brings Elementalist Lux and updates to Shyvana!
7 months ago

2017 Preseason Spotlight

Assassins aren't the only ones getting changes this preseason—this spotlight is about all the other changes hitting the Rift. Plants are bringing new life to the jungle and we've got a suite of changes to stealth, armor pen, and support items.
7 months ago

Patch 6.22 notes

Pre-season is upon us!
7 months ago