Most Recent eSports Event News

The Season 3 semifinals are here

The world's top four teams have fought their way through the quarter finals and are prepping for a semifinal showdown at the Galen Center. These are the matchups, times and dates of the World Championship semifinals.
3 years ago

Where will you be for the Finals?

The Season Three World Finals are almost upon us. We've already seen a whole load of people discussing plans for various viewing parties across Europe. We want to hear about them!
3 years ago

Season 3 World Championship kicks off September 15

Fourteen contenders rose above the competition in regional qualifiers across the world. On September 15th their journey to the finals begins. Who will rise and be crowned Season Three Champions?
3 years ago

North American Regionals kicking off soon

With several Regional Playoffs won and done, the traffic on the Road to Worlds is clearing up and we're starting to see who's in the fast lane to LA and who's taking the exit into the offseason. Now it's North America's turn to find out which teams are in the driver's seat.
3 years ago

On deck: EU and International Wildcard Playoffs

More regional qualifiers for October's World Championships in Los Angeles are set to get underway. The next stop on the road to the finals is Cologne, Germany, where the EU Regional Playoffs as well as the International Wildcard Playoff will be played this week at gamescom.
3 years ago

Season 3 World Championship tickets available soon

World Championship tickets will go on sale Saturday, August 24 at 21:00 CEST. Thanks for your patience during the recent delay and we’ll see you at the Staples Center!
3 years ago

Road to the World Championship: Regional Playoffs

Season 3 has been the most globally competitive and intensely followed season of professional League of Legends yet. Regional Qualifiers for the World Championship in Los Angeles are kicking off and it’s time for the teams to earn their way to Los Angeles.
3 years ago

LCS pros head into a Super Week showdown

Week 9 marks the final stretch of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Summer Split in North America and Europe with four days of action-packed battles on Summoner's Rift.
3 years ago

Season 3 World Championship heads to Los Angeles

With the worldwide finals approaching and the most talented competitors in esports preparing for the greatest challenge of the season, we need a championship venue that matches the occasion.
3 years ago

New opportunity to go pro in the LCS

Your next chance to become a pro team has arrived! Get all the details about the newest qualifier into the 2014 Spring Promotion Tournament here.
4 years ago