Most Recent eSports Event News

Challenger Series Open Qualifier sign-ups are open!

Are you Diamond 3 but deserve challenjour? Then prove your worth in the CS Open Qualifier tournament.
1 month ago

Ragnarök coming soon!

If you're Diamond V + and play on EUW or EUNE then get your team ready as signups will open soon!
2 months ago

The ESL Finals Are This Weekend!

We take a look ahead at what promises to be a very exciting live of the ESL Premiership this weekend!
2 months ago

ESL Premiership Week 7

With just over 2 weeks left to the live finals, who'll clinch the top spots?
2 months ago

Extra tickets released for the 2017 EU Spring Finals

We've released a limited selection of extra tickets for the EU LCS Spring Split finals. Don't miss out!
2 months ago

Tickets for the 2017 EU Spring Finals in Hamburg are available now

As we get ready to pass the halfway point of the 2017 EULCS Spring Split, it’s time to look ahead to the Spring Finals in Hamburg on 22-23 April. Tickets are available now.
3 months ago

Get Ready for the EU Spring Finals in Hamburg

Which team will reign supreme? Get ready to close out the EULCS Spring Split as we take the show on the road to the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany on April 22-23.
3 months ago

Uphill Battle

Former Worlds Semi-Finalists Origen look for their first win of the split after a slow Spring start.
3 months ago

Extended Play

3 months ago

Throwing Down

Is the Unicorns' week one magic enough to derail Worlds Semi-Finalist H2K's hype train?
3 months ago