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EU Spring Finals heading to Rotterdam

The EU Spring Finals are setting sail for the Netherlands to crown the Spring Champions on April 16-17. The top four EU LCS teams will be gearing up to face-off at the Rotterdam Ahoy and determine which team will be crowned the 2016 Spring Finals Champions.
1 week ago

The hows and whys of Origen's two mid-laners

Despite being the only team in the EU LCS to not lose a member during the off-season, that didn't stop Origen from shaking up its roster. Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage has been added to the team as an additional mid-laner. Not a sub, but rather someone who will be sharing the laning responsibilities with team-owner and LCS veteran Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez.
3 weeks ago

2016 LCS Spring Split Rules Changes

The 2016 LCS ruleset contains updates to a few policies including Playoffs, Competitive Patch/Tournament Realm, Subs/Loans, and Revamped Promotion/Relegation System.
1 month ago

Players to Watch in the EU LCS

Read about the key player storylines leading up to the 2016 Spring Split.
1 month ago

Fantasy LCS is Live

Draft your Fantasy LCS teams for the 2016 Spring Split! Matches begin on 1/14 for EU LCS and 1/16 for NA LCS.
1 month ago

2016 NA CS Qualifier Finals primer

It’s time to see which teams will join the 2016 NA Challenger Series in Spring. NA CS Qualifier Finals will take place on Wednesday, January 13.
1 month ago

EU LCS tickets are available now!

It’s time to show the world how loud European fans can be! Support your favourite pro players, teams, and cheer new and familiar faces each week in Berlin. Tickets for the first five weeks of the Spring Split are available now.
1 month ago

Legends Rising Finale: Worlds

Relive the journeys of five legends as they fight to leave their mark on the world stage.
1 month ago

Worlds 2015 Viewership

After an epic five-week tour through Europe in October for the 2015 World Championships, the numbers are in and we’re able to share details of how many viewers around the world joined us on the journey.
2 months ago

NA and EU LCS format changes for Summer Split 2016

There’s big format shifts coming to the NA and EU LCS for Summer Split 2016.
2 months ago