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Welcome to another episode of Picks to Watch, where Vedius looks at some of the new champions and picks we could see in competitive play during Patch 7.14.
3 days ago


The race for playoffs began with the fastest victory of the split, and a game-ending Pentakill. Catch up on what happened during EU LCS Week 6 with Flashback!
4 days ago

International Collegiate Cup: Survival Guide

Everything you need to know as two European University Teams take on the world
1 week ago

Comeback Kings

Get ready for the return of EU LCS by checking out the miraculous late-game comebacks from Week 5 with Flashback.
1 week ago

The Penta: NA > EU confirmed

The top five plays from the NA vs. EU edition of Rift Rivals.
1 week ago

2017 Mid-Season Invitational By the Numbers

Even though it feels like only yesterday since SKT triumphed at MSI 2017, we’re more than halfway through our 2017 worldwide competitive season! Before we look ahead to the rest of the year and the journey towards Worlds, here’s a quick snapshot of some of the important facts and figures from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
1 week ago

Rift Rivals Mic Check: NA vs EU

Relive the rivalry between North America and Europe in a special episode of Mic Check.
1 week ago

Challenger Series Recap: Week 4

With three of the four playoff positions still very much up in the air, only Giants could rest easy this week, knowing that they were guaranteed a playoff spot. The rest of the league were still fighting for position and for the prize that they all aspire to: a spot in the European LCS.
1 week ago

Moments and Memories | Rift Rivals 2017

Relive some of the best moments from the NA vs EU grudge match of Rift Rivals 2017.
1 week ago

The Rift Rivals champion is...

The NA vs EU rivalry has been settled...for now.
2 weeks ago