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The summer split champion is..

Did Splyce upset the reigning champions, or were G2 victorious once again?
10 hours ago

Legends Rising Season 2 Begins Sept. 7

Legends Rising Season 2 follows some of the game's greatest pros through the hard work and sacrifice necessary to achieve greatness. Do they have what it takes to become a legend? Join us every week starting September 7 as we see their journey through in a six-part series.
1 day ago

The EU LCS third-place team is…

After an electric first day in Kraków, we have our EU LCS third-place team. We spoke with the winners ahead of the final!
1 day ago

EU LCS Final: G2 vs Splyce

Will we crown a new EU LCS champion, or will G2 prevail once again and condemn Splyce to the gauntlet?
4 days ago

Last Chance: Unicorns of Love vs H2K

Can Odoamne carry H2K to Worlds, or will Hungarian hero Vizicsacsi ensure no hope remains?
5 days ago

Worlds 2016 - Finals tickets on sale

Reserve your spot to see a new World Champion be crowned at STAPLES Center on October 29.
2 weeks ago

Fight lines: TSM vs. IMT

Watch Jatt’s analysis of last week’s team fight from NA LCS
3 weeks ago

Upcoming changes to the Interregional Movement Policy (IMP)

We’re making a change to the Interregional Movement Policy (IMP) we established back in September 2014.
3 weeks ago

Life of an LCS Manager

I’m often asked “what exactly do you do as an LCS team manager?” The role of a manager in esports is fairly broad; a manager’s duties vary significantly from team to team, so I can only speak as to my role as a manager within Fnatic. Where the head coach is responsible for everything inside the game, I’m in charge of everything outside of the game.
3 weeks ago