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Snowballing to Victory: Nunu and Azir Strategies

Nunu and Azir bring huge team fight damage.
1 day ago

Universal Recipient: Vladimir in pro play

Coach Alex Sung breaks down Vladimir in competitive play.
1 week ago

Power Rankings 6/16/2015

Find out which teams have been on the rise and which still have work to do in this week's Power Rankings.
1 week ago

LCS Summer Finals Tickets are now on sale!

Come cheer on the best teams in North America and Europe as they duke it out to be crowned champions at the LCS Summer Finals in New York City and Stockholm on August 22-23. Tickets are now on sale to catch all the esports action live from Madison Square Garden and Hovet Arena!
1 week ago

Mid Varus storms the Rift!

Varus makes a triumphant return to Summoner's Rift, this time in the middle lane.
2 weeks ago

Donating 2014 LCS fines to a good cause

When the 2014 season kicked off, we told you that we would be donating all fines collected to charity - and now we’re here to complete the circle and report back on exactly how we decided where to send the money. We decided to donate the 2014 LCS fines to The Trevor Project.
2 weeks ago

2015 World Championship Regional Seeds

As we begin the march towards the 2015 World Championships, we’re excited to reveal the final seeds per region.
2 weeks ago

Power Rankings 02.06.2015

The LCS began last week with new teams and old teams alike impressing fans. Who are the best teams of the new split?
3 weeks ago

LCS Summer Finals heading to NYC and Stockholm

This August, we’ll be celebrating the peak of the NA and EU 2015 season with Summer Finals at Madison Square Garden, NYC and Hovet Arena, Stockholm
4 weeks ago

Check out our handy MSI Rune Guides

Rune builds used by pros competing in the recent Mid-Season Invitational.
1 month ago