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Europe fights back

See how one EU team bounced back from a tough loss and the lessons they learned heading into their next game at the 2016 World Championship.
1 hour ago

Old Friends, New Foes

Handshakes can be hard -- particularly when you have two former World Championship-winning teammates on stage who haven’t seen each other in years. It becomes slightly more convoluted when one goes for the handshake and the other goes for the hug.
11 hours ago

INTZtant classic: Wild start

Take a thrilling ride as we break down one of the most jaw-dropping games from Worlds 2016.
18 hours ago

2016 Worlds Collection

Celebrate Worlds and represent your region with the official collection for 2016.
22 hours ago

10 Things We Learned on Day 1

On the first day of Worlds, our true love gave to us... some really freaking weird games! This was supposed to be a fairly routine day. A few of the matchups featured heavyweights and early championship favorites against wild card regions. Both EU and NA fans claimed the other region belonged in said wild card denomination. Well, there was a lot of wild -- that much is true. Let’s overreact a little bit, though! Here's what we learned on day one!
1 day ago

EU falters on day 1 of Worlds 2016

It was a disappointing first day of Worlds 2016 for Europe, as the region’s #1 seed G2 Esports falls to North America’s #2 seed CLG. In Group C, H2K also loses out as they succumb to LMS’ AHQ in a tight, back-and-forth game. Splyce rounded out a painful day for EU with a loss to Samsung Galaxy in Group D.
1 day ago

Olaf reigns in Worlds opener

The 2016 World Championship kicked off with a classic matchup between North America and Europe. On one side was Europe’s top seeded team, G2 Esports -- one of the tournament’s strongest teams. And on the other side was Counter Logic Gaming, a storied franchise who comes into Worlds after struggling in the Summer Split. And only one of them can claim victory and pride for their region.
1 day ago

Burn or shine: EU takes on the world

Will European teams prove themselves on the Worlds stage, or fall to pieces?
2 days ago

Worlds 2016: EU’s Redemption?

As we make our way to San Francisco to see regional heavyweights clash in the 2016 tournament, we take a look at EU’s prospects going into this year’s event. Scepticism prevails due to the fall of Europe’s historically dominant teams and a poor performance at MSI. While the EU teams heading to Worlds 2016 are packed with talent, they have everything to prove.
3 days ago

Worlds Classics: The Ahri Play

Relive the unforgettable game between Kabum and Alliance through the eyes of TinOwns, who charmed his way to Brazil’s first win in League of Legends World Championship history.
4 days ago