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Olaf goes berserk in pro play

Fnatic's Reignover talks up his signature viking.
5 days ago

Your NA LCS Summer winner is…

The winners talk their victory over their rivals.
6 days ago

Your EU LCS Summer winner is…

We talk to the winners about their hard-fought Finals.
6 days ago

Welcome to Week 2 of the UK Premiership!

The ESL UK Premiership kicked off last week with two great best-of-three series, one between FM eSports and NUEL, the other between Excel eSports and Choke Gaming. This week, the UK's best and brightest League of Legends players continue to face off in the group stages of the tournament. Four new teams join the fray, meaning that after this weekend we'll have seen all eight teams in action as the fight for the £5000 prize pot intensifies.
1 week ago

2015 World Championship Format

With teams on the brink of qualifying for the 2015 World Championship, here’s everything you need to know about the tournament structure and how we’ll determine team placements during the main stages of Worlds.
1 week ago

Pro supports carry with Zeke's and Banner

kaSing and Hylissang on using the newly popular activated items to carry games in pro play.
1 week ago

2015 LCS Summer Playoffs

Click to learn more about the Semifinals.
2 weeks ago

Who Can Finally Defeat Fnatic, And How?

There’s a distinct lack of fist pumping or high-fiving going on. No-one is thumping their desk or yelling in celebration, on either side of the LCS stage. Instead, Fnatic’s players hang their heads, exhausted. Huni looks visibly disappointed and their group hug reeks of defeat. As another Nexus falls in the Summer Split of the EU LCS, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Fnatic might finally have been bested, their winning streak halted at last. Yet their Nexus still stands.
2 weeks ago

DRIVE: The Pobelter Story

Take an inside look at what drives Eugene Park.
2 weeks ago

Coke bringing EU LCS Summer Finals to cinemas!

The moments that make up the EU LCS Summer Split Playoffs will be larger than life. The stakes will be high. The verve of the League community pulsing through Stockholm’s Hovet arena on 22-23 August will be immense. To create a viewing experience for fans which bottles all that drama and excitement, Coke is bringing the experience to cinemas across Europe from Portugal to Poland.
2 weeks ago