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2016 All-Star Event: There Will Be Mayhem

Fire and Ice will clash when 30 of the top pros from around the world meet at the 2016 League Of Legends All-Star Event. Only one thing is certain: There Will Be Mayhem.
17 hours ago

Countdown to IEM Oakland

Intel Extreme Masters returns to the Bay Area on November 19-20 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Don’t miss six international League of Legends team face-off for the IEM Oakland championship.
2 weeks ago

Meet your 2016 All-Stars!

All-Stars voting has wrapped up thanks to the 7.5 million people who tuned in to throw their support behind their favorite players. These are the regions and players which will attend the 2016 All-Stars Event in Barcelona, Spain which begins on December 8th! It’s a clash between Team Fire and Team Ice as the elements battle to determine whether it’s hot or it’s cold. Let’s meet the players and see what each region’s representatives brings to the table.
2 weeks ago

Last Chance to Cast Your All-Star Votes!

Time is almost up to choose who you want to see at the 2016 All-Star event. Cast your vote today!
3 weeks ago

How to get your 2016 All-Star Tickets

The 2016 World Championship might be over but prepare for some mayhem with the 2016 All-Star Event! This year we’ll be bringing the show to Barcelona, Spain on December 8-11 at the Palau Sant Jordi. Get ready to witness an international competition on a whole other level. Here’s everything you need to know to grab your tickets and get involved in the action.
4 weeks ago

Cast Your All-Star Votes Now!

It’s time to choose who you want to see at the 2016 All-Star event. Cast your vote today!
1 month ago

Playmaker: Analyst -- GorillA

When it seems victory is slipping away, learn to make the plays to turn the game around in five new videos featuring League of Legends pros from across the globe.
1 month ago

Congratulations to the 2016 World Champions!

The 2016 World Championship Finals have come to an end with one team persevering to win the exciting series. Find out what the MVP of Worlds had to say about the victory.
1 month ago

A Galaxy stands between SKT and its 3rd Worlds title

On October 4th 2013 Korea won its first League of Legends World Championship title, as SK Telecom T1 K, led by star mid-laner Faker, defeated the Chinese underdogs Royal Club in a one-sided 3-0 series at the Staples Center. Now, just over three years on, SKT will take to the stage at the Staples Center once again to win Worlds for the third time, and defend their title as reigning champions against the only organisation to rival SKT’s dominance in recent years: Samsung Galaxy.
1 month ago

Update: Fan Contributions to Worlds Prize Pool

Check out the update to the Worlds prize pool from fan contributions.
1 month ago