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All-Star Event tickets now on sale

Want to be a part of the 2015 All-Star Event in Los Angeles? Tickets are now available to celebrate the pros on December 10-13.
1 week ago

How to get your All-Star Event tickets

With the final battles of the World Championship decided, it’s time to celebrate our pros at the 2015 All-Star Event (ASE). The ASE 2015 will bring the unexpected to the Rift featuring a clash of the regions with Team Fire vs. Team Ice, epic 1v1 matches, fan-voted comps, fun game modes, and mixed region roster showdowns. Tickets for the 2015 All-Star Event in Los Angeles go on sale on November 16.
2 weeks ago

Who will represent your league?

All-Star pro vote starts now.
2 weeks ago

And the 2015 World Champ is…

SKT? KOO Tigers? Find out who just went legendary as the 2015 World Champion.
4 weeks ago

Warriors of Light: The Story of Worlds 2014

A Samsung White-wash, that’s how most will remember the 2014 League of Legends World Championship. But there’s far more to the story…
1 month ago

Worlds Semifinals in pics

Photos from the Worlds Semifinals at the Brussels Expo in Belgium.
1 month ago

The moments that made Worlds: Part 4

There are some moments that you walk away from remembering forever. Throughout Worlds, we'll be re-visiting some of our favorite moments from past World Championships and discussing what made them so special.
1 month ago

The Final Fight – Season 4 Champ SSW

Later this month, a new champion will hoist the Summoner’s Cup. We asked previous World Champions to describe the feeling at the exact moment when they knew they’d won it all, continuing with Samsung White’s imp.
1 month ago

KOO and Fnatic clash in Semis

Final day of Semifinals hosts an explosive match-up between Fnatic and KOO Tigers.
1 month ago

SKT takes on Origen

We catch up with the first Worlds 2015 Finalists after their series in Brussels.
1 month ago