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The 5 most impactful changes in 6.10

With Misfits and Team Forge taking the final two spots in the EU Challenger Series Summer Split, there was a lot to learn from the 38 Games played in the lead-up to the start of the European LCS.
5 hours ago

Welcome to the EU Lolesports website

We’re dedicated to bringing you quality coverage of both the EU LCS and global scene, anchored by a strong, local European perspective. We want our homepage to be the go-to source for EU League esports content, ranging from insightful articles and features to exclusive shoutcaster analysis and interviews.
5 hours ago

Fantasy LCS live now

Draft your teams for the 2016 Summer Split!
5 days ago

Fantasy LCS summer changes

Learn about the updates that are coming to Fantasy LCS this summer.
1 week ago

MSI In-Game Rewards

Korea Owned The Rift at MSI - check out what rewards your region unlocked!
2 weeks ago

MSI 2016 Power Rankings

Jatt, Spawn, and Deficio predict how the six regions will stack up.
4 weeks ago

King of the Wildcards: SuperMassive moves onto MSI

Turkey's SuperMassive eSports first battled their way through their native region to earn an invite to the International Wildcard Invitational. There, they took down the other Wildcard Champions, earning tickets to Shanghai. Let’s say hello to SuperMassive, the team that’s ready to take on the world.
4 weeks ago

China looks to defend its MSI crown

With the current tank meta looking to stay, China has a great chance to defend its MSI title and prove to the world that Worlds was just a minor hiccup.
1 month ago

Flash Wolves fly the LMS banner at MSI

Coming up as the second seed, the Flash Wolves upset ahq in a blowout sweep of the Playoffs. Can they continue their charge into MSI?
1 month ago

Own The Rift For Your Region

Equip your region’s icon and show your support during MSI!
1 month ago