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Group Eliminations

Only eight teams can leave groups and move on to the Quarterfinals. Whose Worlds dreams are being kept alive? Find out with Flashback.
12 hours ago

Knockout Stage Pick’em now live!

Head over to now and build your bracket for the Knockout Stage.
1 day ago

Worlds 2017 Wallpapers

Looking to put a piece of Worlds 2017 on your desktop or mobile? We've got you covered.
3 days ago

Vote on which charity wins 50% of the charity fund

We’re matching 25% of your Championship Ashe and 2017 Championship Ward purchases in a charity fund. Now you can vote on which charity receives 50% of the fund under the “Vote for Charity” tab in-client.
6 days ago

Eyes on Worlds: Episode 1

EDG and RNG battle for China’s 1st seed at Worlds in the LPL Summer Finals.
1 week ago

Top plays from Worlds Play-In

Check out the top 5 plays from the Play-In Stage of the 2017 World Championship in this week's episode of The Penta.
1 week ago

Lock your Group Stage picks

Group Stage brackets close when the stage begins! Lock your picks now at
1 week ago

Dream Teams Assemble: 2017 All-Star Event Update

Ever wanted to see top players from leagues around the world battle it out in the ultimate dream team tournament? This December, the All-Star Event is back - and more competitive than ever.
1 week ago

Group Stage Pick’em now live

Worlds Pick’em is up and running for 2017! Head over to now and build your bracket for the Group Stage.
2 weeks ago

Conqueror Karma is Back for Worlds 2017

Conqueror Karma will be back in the store from now until the end of Worlds 2017.
2 weeks ago