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Azir Q&A 10.09 19:00 BST

Curious to learn more about Azir? Check into the Azir Q&A session!
2 years ago

Azir Q&A coming on 10.9

The team behind Azir is stepping into the sunlight to host a Q&A session at 19:00 BST on 10.9. If you’ve any questions about what went into resurrecting the Emperor of the Sands, these are the folks to chat with.
2 years ago

Gnar Q&A coming on 8.5

Gnar’s throwing yet another tantrum, so the team behind him have temporarily set their grooming kits aside and agreed to a Q&A session on 8/5. If you have any questions about what went into making Runeterra’s cutest AND most terrifying champion, come along!
3 years ago