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Draw Or Craft a Themed Poro: Fan Art Contest

With Snowdown 2014 upon us, we wanted to help everyone get in the mood by hosting an art contest where members of the community draw or craft a poro based on one of the following four themes: Arcade, Mafia, Bloodmoon or Justicar.
1 day ago

The Shurima Dessert contest is here – get baking!

In honour of these past few weeks spent baking in the heat of the Shuriman desert, it’s time to pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees. You will become a dessert nomad, which is a person who wanders the arid wastes in search of noms. Like Shurima, the dough of your pastries shall rise once again. We want to see your best Shurima Desserts. Hopefully you’re ready to put the “eat” in “heat”!
2 months ago

Dino Gnar ate your dressed-up Yordles fan art!

If you’ve already submitted your entry, please re-send it by Thursday, the 4th of September. Anybody else who’d like to send their creations but hasn’t gotten around to completing their entry can use these extra days to put the finishing touches on it. We’ll highlight them on Monday, the 8th of September.
3 months ago

It’s time to dress up a Yordle like Dino Gnar!

In order to celebrate Gnar’s upcoming arrival, show us your artistic skills by drawing, sculpting, or crafting any Yordle of your choice. The catch is that they have to be wearing a full-body suit of some other creature.
4 months ago

Check out the Mecha Vs. Monsters winning fanart

Without any further delays before the feature presentation, here are the six winning entries in our Mecha Vs. Monsters movie poster contest. Each artist will receive a prize pack consisting of limited edition Mecha Splash Art posters with chromium visual effect, Mecha Malphite and Mecha Aatrox champions and skins, plus 2000 RP.
4 months ago

Enter the Mecha vs. Monsters movie poster contest!

To celebrate the release of our newest skins Mecha Aatrox and Mecha Malphite, we want you to create an epic movie poster pitting a mecha and monster from the LoL universe against each other. Fight!
4 months ago

Vine contest winners’ All-Star adventure

We sent The vine contest winners to see the All-Stars - we wanted to share a video celebrating them and showing some highlights from their time in Paris!
6 months ago

2014 All-Star event Vine contest: the winners!

It’s time announce the winners of the All-Star Vine contest! See who won an all-expense paid trip to Paris for the 2014 All-Star event!
7 months ago

2014 All-Star event Vine contest: vote now!

The time has finally come to vote for your favourite videos and determine who will win an all-expense paid trip to Paris for the 2014 All-Star event.
7 months ago

2014 All-Star event Vine contest: show your love!

Do you want to attend the 2014 League of Legends All-Star event? Then come show your love for LoL on our Vine contest!
8 months ago