Most Recent Community Spotlight News

Spook us speechless with your Harrowing cosplay

Grab a camera, summon a bit of creativity and get ready to capture your favourite champion's soul in our Harrowing-themed community cosplay roundup
2 weeks ago

Check out the best Shurima Desserts!

Both the sun and the dough has set, but behold the empire of Shurima, forever immortalised in cake form! Well, until they go stale, anyway.
3 weeks ago

More playtime with Gnar

Gnar hasn’t caused nearly enough mischief, so Rachel J Corey is back for another round of adorable Gnar comics.
1 month ago

Community Spotlight: Can Dogan Glass Engraving

When it comes to his approach to art, Turkish artist Can Dogan likes to break the meta. While most conventional artists start with a piece of paper and drawing utensil or paintbrush, he reaches for a pane of glass and a set engraving and polishing tools. The result is amazing!
1 month ago

Community Spotlight: Falconshield

We can’t get enough of Falconshield, the musical duo best known for their "This Is War" League of Legends music series
2 months ago

Community Spotlight: The PeacePigeon

The community spotlight this time is for the Peace Pigeon aka Obamacare. This is a team of nine that make videos on the best wombo combos and swag flags on the internet.
3 months ago

Community Spotlight: Sp4zie

The community spotlight this time around is for Sp4zie the Swedish jack of all trades. We want to showcase his awesome video skills and his pet plant. Jump in for random fun.
3 months ago

Braum community creations roundup

The Freljord’s been a warmer place ever since Braum took up his shield, and you guys have flexed your creative muscles and crafted colossal artwork to show your adoration! Melt your heart as you size up some of the mightiest Braum community creations.
5 months ago

Poro community creations roundup

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the Howling Abyss, we’re sharing some of our most-loved poro community creations! Grab some Poro-Snax and cuddle up with our favorite tongue-wagging furballs as they dress up as League champions.
6 months ago

The Origin of Poros

In honor of the Howling Abyss’ upcoming one year anniversary, we’re opening our art vaults and delving into the mysterious and magical origins of the map’s most-loved inhabitants: poros!
6 months ago