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Check out these Lunar Revel cosplayers

Check out these Lunar Revel cosplayers
1 week ago

Love is in the Rift!

Summoner’s Rift is usually a dangerous place, full of skirmishes and bloodshed. But as Valentine's Day approaches, champions put their bows, bolas, clubs or axes aside, take a time out from facechecking brushes, pushing lanes and melting faces and enjoy this time of the year when it's all about cuddles. Download your printable Valentine’s Day postcards now!
2 weeks ago

Submit Your Best Sona Plays!

Show off your best Sona plays to the community
3 weeks ago

University esports is on the rise in the UK

The National University Esports League (NUEL) aims to create a fantastic experience for UK students interested in esports, inviting players of all skill levels to participate in their National Championship tournament or any of the other casual events regularly hosted on their teamspeak server.
4 weeks ago

Don’t miss these university events in UK & Ireland

The second term of the school year is in full swing. You’ve been studying hard and we want to make sure there’s a packed lineup of university activities where you can come enjoy some competitive fun. Here are some notable university events happening in March in the UK and Ireland. Hope to see you there!
1 month ago

Start the new year with your Lunar Revel cosplay

String up the lanterns, dust off the ancient scrolls and light some fireworks. Get ready to celebrate the New Year by submitting your Lunar Revel costumes in our Lunar Revel-themed community cosplay roundup!
1 month ago

Where to find League of Legends at Insomnia53

We’ll be gallivanting around the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on the 21st to the 24th November, to cheer on League of Legends tournaments, play some games with everyone who visits our booth, and probably hit each other repeatedly with foam pickaxes.
3 months ago

Ireland’s biggest esports event is almost here!

Taking place over the 15th-16th of November at the O’Callaghan Alexander Hotel in Dublin, WinterLAN will host the biggest League of Legends tournaments to take place in the country to date, both an open and an invitational. Attendees can pick up a Spectator Day Pass for just €15 or a full Weekend Pass for €20. We’ll be there giving out skins and playing a few community games so come say hi!
3 months ago

4 Nations Tournament [UK and IRL] – last chance to enter!

With the rest of the UK and Irish qualifiers complete or in progress, now is your last chance to enter the 4 Nations Tournament via the fully online Riot 4 Nations Open Qualifier. Will your team manage to take one of the last two slots?
4 months ago

Worlds final viewing parties in Netherlands and Belgium

In partnership with Coke there have been four viewing parties in cinemas arranged across Belgium and the Netherlands where you can enjoy every moment of every game in a BIG way.
4 months ago