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League Fest - final day live

The League Fest Pro-Am concludes - will Team PROJECT take home the trophy?
4 months ago

League Fest - day 2 live

Team Arcade, only 4 points ahead, will be looking to retain that lead in the Pro-Am - live from Insomnia58!
4 months ago

League Fest - day 1 live

The League Fest Pro-Am kicks off, and Rioters talk game design - live from Insomnia58.
4 months ago

The Showdown of the Summer

Join Dyrus, TheOddOne, Voyboy and more in the League Fest Pro-Am. #ARCADEWIN or #PROJECTWIN?
5 months ago

League Fest: Last chance for tickets!

Last chance to secure tickets to this exclusive event in Birmingham! Here's what to expect.
5 months ago

Meet the devs @ League Fest

Get an insight into the development of League - live at League Fest in August!
6 months ago

Cosplay @ League Fest

Cosplay is coming to League Fest in a big way - if you're watching or taking part, there'll be something for you!
6 months ago

League Fest is coming to the UK!

League Fest, an entire hall filled with all things League of Legends, comes to Birmingham in August!
6 months ago

Irish events of the summer

Check out these upcoming events in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland!
7 months ago

Ragnarök signups are now open

We’re pleased to unveil Ragnarök, a tournament for players in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (and their autonomous regions). Teams will clash throughout March for glory, prizes and a spot in the EU Challenger Series Summer Qualifier. Ragnarök culminates in a live final at The Gathering 2016 in Hamar, Norway on March 23rd and 24th.
10 months ago