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Can anyone beat Team Infused?

Team Infused have turned up the heat in the ESL UK Premiership Summer Season, winning six matches back-to-back to place themselves in the driving seat at the top of the league. Can they be stopped?
1 week ago

Check out these incredible Worlds cosplay photos!

Cosplayers pay tribute to Worlds 2015 and their favourite esports teams with these 50 incredible cosplay photos!
2 weeks ago

Join us at the Irish National Championship

G-Series and Eirtakon have teamed up to bring the finals of the Irish League of Legends Nationals to Croke Park, the home of Irish sporting events!
2 weeks ago

Worlds 2015 Berlin Survival Guide

Two teams remain. If you’re heading to Berlin to see which of them can take home the Champion’s Cup, be sure to check out our Berlin Survival Guide so you don’t miss a thing.
1 month ago

Last Chance Reminder: World Finals Viewing Parties

The clock is ticking down to the World Championship finals of 2015! We have our teams locked in and ready to go. Grab a front-row seat to all the action on 31st October at one of the many viewing parties happening all around Europe and find out who will lift the Summoner’s Cup and become World Champions!
1 month ago

Worlds 2015 Brussels Survival Guide

Four teams remain. If you’re heading to Brussels to see which of them can take a step closer to glory, be sure to check out our Brussels Survival Guide so you don’t miss a thing.
1 month ago

Worlds 2015 London Survival Guide

Worlds is underway, and things are heating up now that we’re down to the final eight teams. This FAQ will equip you with everything you need to know so you don’t miss out on any of the action at the quarterfinals in London.
1 month ago

Super Mega Viewing Parties for Worlds!

There’s no better way to dial up the hype of an important match than sharing the moment with other fans. Not to mention, when your favourite team steals a Baron, it feels silly to throw your hand up to high-five and...nobody’s around so you have to slap it yourself (a high-five needs to be high-fived!). If you can’t make it to a Worlds stop, check out the next best thing with a Super Mega Viewing Party currently planned for your area.
1 month ago

Bring your League cosplay to Worlds!

Thinking about cosplaying at Worlds? Pack your costume and find out how you can join in the fun.
1 month ago

Show the world who you support at Worlds !

Worlds is almost upon us! In preparation for the month-long League of Legends festival, we've put together a couple of ways for you to don your favourite team's colours on social media
2 months ago