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Darius: Blood of Noxus

When a rebellion pits Darius against the person closest to him, he learns the price of loyalty to Noxus is blood.
4 hours ago

Transfers to Russian Server for 1 RP!

Players from EU West and EU Nordic & East servers can transfer to Russian Server only for 1 RP!
6 hours ago

How Do Teams Qualify for Worlds 2017?

An explanation of how teams from all regions can qualify for Worlds 2017.
9 hours ago

Choose your colors for playoffs!

Not sure who to cheer for during the EU LCS Playoffs? Take this quiz and find out which playoffs team you should support!
10 hours ago

Ask Riot: Hextech limits and the screaming void

Explaining the cap on Hextech chests, sorting out Kayle’s alter-ego, and understanding champion recalls.
1 day ago

Arcade Boss World ends in seven days

Battle through missions and craft event-exclusive loot before it’s GAME OVER in one week.
1 day ago

September sales schedule

Check out all the champs and skins on sale this September!
1 day ago

New loot: Lancer Zero Hecarim

Trample the wicked with this loot-exclusive skin.
1 day ago